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Not Happy in Relationship

I'm a first time mom of a 9 month old little girl, who pretty much makes my world go round. Her father and I have been dating for about 3 years now,we met at a not so pretty phase in my life (I was 22,lots of partying we'll say). About a year into relationship I got pregnant (of course a surprise) which was when of course my lifestyle at the time came to a screeching hault. Which honestly was the best thing for me because I had turned into someone I was not. Our relationship has a not so happy past and I harbor so much resentment because...

Finding Out Sex

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To Find Out the Gender or Not?

I am expecting baby #3 in September. We need to decide whether to find out the gender at our ultrasound in 8 weeks. We didn't find out with either of our other 2. One boy, one girl so far! Since I have one of each already, I don't need to find out in order to prepare the nursery or buy items. We already have everything we need for either gender. The nursery is gender neutral and most of my 0-3 items are also gender neutral. We do have several items from the previous kids that are blue or pink so I am not worried about needing to shop...


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No Insurance for Pregnancy

Hi all :) My insurance won't cover my surprise pregnancy so I am looking in to options. Has anyone used the Maternity Card or a program like it? Any other suggestions? Thanks. Nevermind...see my "So what happened".

Maternity Clothing

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Maternity Clothes ???

I recently moved to the area from a very large city where I had access to Gap, Old Navy, and Ann Taylor Loft MATERNITY clothes... Now that we live here in Broken Arrow I have no idea where to shop! It seems like Kohls, Target, and Mimi Maternity is it... are there any other stores that have cute maternity clothes around here? Thanks!

Maternity Leave

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Maternity Leave Financial Help

Whatprograms or grants or what cn i do to have money coing in while im on my maternity leave since i wont be able to pay my bills???? single mom wondering what to do


Preparing Dad

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Preparing to Co-parent with Birth Father

Hi. I need help with "words", in order to reconcile a difficult relationship and keep my baby's father in the picture. I am 6 mos. pregnant, from the man I continued to date long-distance when I moved to CO in August 2007. We kept dating b/c he said he'd be moving here in Summer 2008. We got pregnant in Nov. 2007 very unexpectedly while in Chicago for a weekend. This might have given him even more reason to move. Our relationship deteriorated rapidly as he hedged over the last 4 months, finally getting to the point of telling me 6...


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Pilates & Yoga During Pregnancy???

Hey just wondering if anyone knew anything about Yoga & Pilates during pregnnancy. I just started both about a month ago @ my local gym Neither class is prenatel & they don't offer prenatel classes @ this gym. Im about 7 weeks pregnant. Anyone have any advise??? thanks

Sharing the News

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When to Announce Your Pregnancy???

I had a miscarriage in April when I was 14wks pregnant and now I'm finally pregnant again! I just don't know when I should announce this pregnancy to our family and friends. I feel that I just want to wait until we hear its heart beat,reassuring me that my risk of miscarriage has gone down. Plus last time when I announced it to the family everyone was so excited so when we lost the baby it was not only a let down for me and my husband but also the rest of the family. Lately I've been really sick and not feeling well and its hard hiding...

Working while Pregnant

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Getting a Job While Pregnant

Hello ladies I was wondering how many pregnant mothers have actually started a new job while pregnant. I currently have a job but was really wanting to apply for a new one at the school. I work 50 hrs a week and never have weekends off and would look to work school hrs and have weekends free with my husband and son. But I'm 16weeks pregnant should I even bother applying? Do you think I would even be considered for a job knowing I will be off work in Jan for 4-6 weeks. Thanks