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Are You a Social Worker or Do You Know One Personally

C.M. asks from Denver

OK moms, I know I have asked you a lot of things, but this one is for my brother. He is in his third year at CSU and is kinda lost first he wanted to go for water eng...


*SWH ADDED Does Anyone Here Happen to Be a County Social Worker?

M.6. asks from New York

I am just curious about something. We have been working with a team of mental health and dd social workers at our county (including their supervisors) for nearly 2 m...


What Degree Would You Need For...

S.M. asks from Dallas

What kind of degree/classes/schooling would someone need to become a social worker? And how long would it take to earn that? What about an accountant? I'm curious as ...


Seeking Moms Who Have Adopted Infants

A.C. asks from New London

My husband and I are just begining the adoption process -- our first formal meeting with the social worker doing our home study is next week. I'm just looking to con...


Having a Hard Time Finding a Job

J.F. asks from Albany

I've been under-employed for about a year and am now unemployed. I'm a social worker and have some retail experience. I can't seem to find anything that doesn't requi...


Child Protective Services!

C.B. asks from Cleveland

I would like to know if anyone has had a false call to CPS, what happened? What actions did you take? What do we need to do? I already talked to the social worker and...


Seeking Referral of Child Counsellor or Psychologist for Grieving in Northern CT

K.G. asks from Hartford

Hi, My 9-year old son lost his Gram three months ago (my Mom). He is really having a very difficult time, yet won't open up to me. I was told by his school social wo...


Authorities Will Be Contacted. Please Help!

D.P. asks from San Francisco

A Kaiser social worker just called me and said that my daughter's doctor is concerned that my daughter hasn't had any immunizations. I need to make an appointment an...


Is This the Normal Procedure

C.D. asks from Atlanta

Hi everyone, I have a question. Is this the norm? My step-granddaughter, 21 yrs. had a baby a few weeks ago. Single mom. Everything went well, baby is healthy a...