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Trying to Stick to a Budget

I've created a budget to deal with my husband's and I expeses because with gas prices the way they are, we can't afford to spend money frivilously. The only problem is, I can't seem to get it started. Everytime I try to stick to the budget that month, my husband spends money on things we don't really need and we end up broke again. This wouldn't be such a problem if not for the fact that we have a baby on the way and things are going to get majorly expensive. We really can't afford to spend money with a baby. I've talk to him about this but...


Food Budget

Hi moms, I would like to create a budget for our family, I'd like to start...


Starting a Budget

Hello! I'm a sahm whose looking for some good suggestions on how to do a...


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Career - What Would You Do?

Current situation: After 15 years into your gig you have a job that pays six figures, is a fairly easy job. You're tenured and there is very little chance of getting whacked since there are at least a dozen hires below you. You get breaks and summers off. Your work environment is supportive and nurturing and your boss rocks. However, you're exceptionally bored at your job and the passion you used to have has been snuffed out. You feel like your talents and skills could be more beneficial in another field and you simply cannot imagine...


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This Job???

I have currently been working at my job for 6 months or so I love my job but here is a little background (I work at a daycare) The pay is 8.00 an hour, I get no benifits and they dont help with daycare costs even though i work there. I love my job and most the people I work with and the boss has been working around my school schedual as well! However, I got a call the other day to start a job at a ISD middle school with benifits and with 8.50 an hour. I just dont know what to do! I need some advice, I am a toddler teacher, but with this job...


A Job......

I really need a job, I have been unemployed for 2 years and I have looked...


What Do to About Job

I have been back to work full-time now for about 1 1/2 years and I really...


Job or No Job

I have applied to a job in Nov. Got an interview and got hired. Got paper...