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Do You Have "Friends?"

I've known since I started my profile that there is a "friends" feature. Is there a special significance to having Friends? Do you get notified of their questions and answers? Does everyone but me have Friends? Lol


No "Mommy" Friends

I currently have no "mommy" friends. I would like to find some Moms in my...

Bad influence

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Influence on Daughter...

DD(17) is intent on getting a tattoo once she turns 18 in a few months time. I would love to be able to influence her not to get one, but the thing is I was about her age when I got one myself and would obviously sound very hypocritical. I know that she is also very influential over younger brother (15) and if she gets one, he will definitely want one when the time comes. I guess its their decision at the end of the day but I know I would rather not have one now...its just hard to say she shouldn't without being a hypocrite. Anyone have any...


Am I a Bad Friend?

The guy my best friend has been seeing for two years, slept with another...

Birthday Parties

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Family Parties Vs. Friend Parties

hello, this year for my three year old's birthday party we are going to have a friend party. we are friends with all of her friends parents so i want to invite all of the families too. Normally every year we have a family party. all of our family lives out of town but in driving range. when we have family parties there are usually about 14 adults plus kids. i'm don't think i want to have two seperate parties every year. but do you invite out of town family to a friend party? If i combined the two there would be about 30 adults PLUS all of...

Sleep overs

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Girls at Sleepover

My daughter told me at a recent sleepover that 3 of the girls were naked giving each other massages. She said naked...she means naked without underwear too. I felt it appropriate to tell the other moms about it. Now, each girl seems to have a slightly different story. Concensus is there was at least no "inappropriate" sexual touching (unless you call the massage) and that they had shorts on some of the time. My daughter is the one that brought it up, told me, and hasn't waivered in her story much if at all. She didn't take any of her...


10 Yr Old Sleepover

I was wanting to know what would be the best and easist thing to serve for...