Home Maintenance

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Home Maintenance Made Easy

A friend of mine will soon be a first time home owner. Having always lived in apartments myself, I know that there are regular maintenance jobs that go along with a home, or bleeding your radiators, cleaning the vents, chimney cleaning etc. who would a person turn to to learn how often that sort of thing has to be done and get a tutorial on how to do it? I am not in a position to advise. In the same way that I know that the oil in a car needs to be changed because the men in my life have always taken care of it, I wouldn’t know how often...


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Flooring and Resale

My husband and I are replacing our carpeted areas with some type of hard flooring but we can't decide what. We live in a split level house. The carpet being replaced is in the upstairs living room and in the girls' rooms. We plan on selling this house in a few years. I suggested cork flooring because it is eco friendly and cork absorbs sound and shock and is hypoallergenic (so the pitter patter of children and dogs isn't so loud when someone is downstairs and when my daredevil youngest leaps from some height she can fall on something...


Hiring a Decorator

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Interior Decorator Wanted

Hi, We need an interior decorator. My husband and I have completely different styles (he's contemporary, I'm Sante Fe). Our home (to me) still looks like "early marriage" after 17 years! We can't even make a decision about wall paint colors or new flooring. Sigh! If you know someone who can help, please let me know ASAP. Thanks! W. in Carrollton

Hiring a Plumber

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Need a Plumber

Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced plumber around Hurst?


Plumber in Garland?

Hey moms - we live in one of those 70s-era houses in Garland and need some...

Hiring an Architect

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Architect in Naperville

We live in a small, older house. We are looking to put a small addition on our house and need a good, reasonably priced architect. Does anyone know of a good architect?

Hiring an Electrician

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Seeking Exterior House Painter

Hi, I'm looking for a reputable painter in the western suburbs who can paint the exterior of our home this spring. Any good suggestions?

Pest Control

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Do It Yourself Pest Control?

Hi Moms, I am sick of paying for pest control services. I'm not even convinced that a pest control company's product is any better than the kind I can buy at a store. I am wondering if any of you spray pest control on your own instead of paying a company to do it? Also, does it work? Thanks!


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What to Expect from Home Remodel

Hello! Happy Sunday! I have a question for either contractors or individuals who have remodeled their home in California. I'm curious how far money takes you these days with remodels? If you have remodeled your home before, what did you do and how much money did you spend on the remodel?



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Need New Roof on Our House...

My parents inherited my late granparents home last year and we moved into their home, taking over their house payments. After we moved in we discovered there was no homeowners insurance on the house. My dad had let it lapse and he does not want to discuss why or how long this has been going on. The problem is the house needs a new roof bad. It is leaking in a few places and I know if this continues it's going to make things worse. We have tried patching it but it didn't hold. We had an estimate done and because of all the water damage, it's...


Roofer and Jeweler

If anyone could recommend a roofer and/or a jeweler that are good and...