Lunch Box & Thermos

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Lunch Box

M.T. asks from Austin

Hi! I'm looking for a really good insulated lunch box for my daughter. I don't care about the design, meaning I'm not looking for a princesses/hello kitty theme. I do...



J.L. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas, Now that we are well under way into the schoo year..I've gotten into the routine of packing my daughter's lunch for school. She's been ok with peanut bu...


Stinky Lunch Box

C.D. asks from Washington DC

My son left his lunch box at school for 5 days. Unfortnately, he didn't close his thermos all the way and the orange juice in it spilled into the lunch box. It is a...


School Lunch Box Recommendations

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I am going to send my little guy with lunch to school. He will leave the house around 7 am and will eat around noon. I am looking for a lunch box suggestion. Insul...


Lunch Box Ideas

L.R. asks from Chicago

My daughter is tired of the same ol lunches. What can I pack in her lunch box. School lunches do not excite me and my creativity is running low in the lunch departm...


Looking for Lunch Box Ideas

S.C. asks from Tampa

Okay - so my baby starts kindergaten in 2 weeks :-(. He isn't a picky eater, with the exception of peanut butter & carrots, so almost anything goes. I do want to pa...


Adult Lunch Box ideas...tired of Boring Sandwiches!

M.M. asks from Huntsville

Hi moms! Im hoping you can help me spruce up my hubby's lunch box. He is a truck driver and to save money I pack his breakfast, lunch and a snack or two just about ev...


Looking for the Perfect Lunch Box!!!

J.F. asks from Dallas

My daughter and son are both going to school this year (i could cry...)and I'm going to be a stay at home pregnant mama for a while so I want to be dedicated to make ...


Lunch Box Improvement Project

J.D. asks from Minneapolis

My poor kids have been eating the same crummy lunch for the last two school years. a sandwich (pb&j or salomi or other lunch meat YUK), a piece of fruit(almost alway...


Lunch Box Lunches

S.M. asks from Boston

So I am hitting the wall with lunch box lunch ideas for my daughter's lunches. She goes to pre-school 3 days a week. They provide 2 snacks per day and I pack her lu...