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Which Scooter?

J.G. asks from Chicago

Oh my, I'm buying the kids scooters for Xmas and I have no clue what model to get them!!!! Do I just go with the pro or a cheaper model? I'd like adjustable handleba...



F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas- My father graciously said he'd like to pay for DS to have a scooter. Any suggestions on what we might get? DS is 3, and good on his huffy with trai...


Repainting a Scooter

L.O. asks from Denver

I thinking about getting my 5 yr old boy a 2 wheel scooter like the razor or something for Christmas this year. He currently has a Red Lightning McQueen 3 wheel scoo...


What Age to Ride Bike with Out Training Wheels?

K.C. asks from Boise

Hi ladies. I was just curious, at what age did your kids learn to ride bike without the trainging wheels?


Learning to Ride a Bike

J.Q. asks from Chicago

My son just turned 9 and he does not know how to ride a bike yet. We tried last summer to teach him but he keep giving up. My 6 year old daughter can ride her bike ...


Riding a Bike W/out Training Wheels

T.G. asks from Boston

Hi Moms, How many of your 7 year olds are riding a bike without training wheels? my just turned 7 year old daughter is very hesitant to learn to ride a bike. She w...


Riding a Bike

S.D. asks from Phoenix

I am so beside myself on what it takes to teach a 10 year old how to ride a bike ?Is this a difficult thing ? My child has no balance at all. We have tried various ...


Bike with Training Wheels or "Balance" Bike?

J.W. asks from San Francisco

We are finally getting our son his first bike! He is 4 1/2 years old and a bit on the short side (not sure if that matters when purchasing a bike). We wanted to kno...


Bike, Trike, or Quad?

J.L. asks from Philadelphia

Ok, it's my turn to ask for help. My oldest is 3.5 years old, turns 4 in February and we're thinking about buying him a bike for Christmas or his birthday. He's big...


Training Wheels off the Bike

J.V. asks from Los Angeles

How old were your kids when you took off their training wheels from their bike? What are the signs of readiness?