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Online Grade School?

are there any accredited online grade schools? I've heard of online high school but not grade school. I'm unable to homeschool traditionally as my mother has dementia and would make it near impossible to get course work done without a billion interuptions. anybody know anything about this option?


Skipping a Grade

My son is in second grade, and he is advanced in math and reading at a 5th...

Academic Performance

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What Are "Good" Grades?

OK, I was a super-nerd in school. I always got top grades and was never satisfied with less than an A ... The trick is that now my daughter is in 4th grade and starting to receive letter grades. Obviously it's too much to expect straight A's from her - I don't want to put all that pressure on her (I never recall my family expecting all A's from me - it was a self-imposed pressure). But I really have no idea what to consider 'good' grades, what to praise, and what to feel like might need a little work. I know that grades don't tell it...

After School

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Afterschool Program or Shuttle Service

My daughter is starting VPK in August and the program I'm interested in ends at 12 noon. I work until 8PM and I need to find an afterschool program that can pick her up from the center at 6PM and keep her until 9:00PM. or A service that will pick her up at 12:00 and take her to the extended hour daycare.

After School Programs

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Afterschool Program or Shuttle Service

My daughter is starting VPK in August and the program I'm interested in ends at 12 noon. I work until 8PM and I need to find an afterschool program that can pick her up from the center at 6PM and keep her until 9:00PM. or A service that will pick her up at 12:00 and take her to the extended hour daycare.


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What to Do About the Bully

My daughter has had a problem with a certain girl at school for 2 years now. They are both in 2nd grade. I have talked to the principle about the issues and thought it had been resolved but the little girl keeps seeking my daughter out to make fun of her clothes, hair, shoes etc... The problem is is that the little girls mom is an employee at the school. The little girl was suppose to get detention but that some how slipped through the cracks and she never did serve it and she knows it. She tells my daughter that all her mom has to do is...


Is Your Kid a Bully?

It seems like everyone thinks there kid(s) are not bullies. I know we'd...


Bullying and Suicide

Why do you think this is happening? It's terrifying, and just to say my...


Is It Bullying?

Hi everyone, My son is 10 and in 5th grade. There is a boy in his class...

Changing Schools

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New School Again!!

Okay ladies please be nice, lol. Here is my ordeal. We have moved to a new town a little over a year ago. Prior to that we lived in a city. It was a great place to buy our first house but did not have a good school system. We had never planned on being their long enough for my daughter to be in school. But with the housing crisis we were kind of stuck. So we put our daughter in a catholic school. It was amazing!!!! My daughter thrived. The school was like a family to us. But we always knew we wanted to raise her in a better town with more...


Going to New School

my son is going to elementary school from this september..he is already...


New Eagle School

We're considering buying a house in the T/E district. Our elementary school...

Charter School

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Having Friends Over?

So basically my question is this: Will we ever get to a point where I feel comfortable having my children's friends over? A little background: I am a SAHM to five children. My SO and I met just over 4 years ago. I already had a son (now6) he had three girls (now 5,8,9), together we had one girl (now 3). Well, now four of the five are in elementary school and have lots of friends. I'm wondering how many other families just don't really do the friend thing. Part of my problem is our house is never company ready, as you can imagine...


College Preparation

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Who Pays for College...?

Are we as parents obligated/responsible for paying for our kids college? In a perfect world we would all have started a college fund when they were babies and at college age it would be enough to put any of them through the school of their choice.... but I digress. Let's put anyone's financial stability aside for now. I don't think it is our obligation to pay for college, should we help if we can sure, will some loans be incurred, sure. But as far as a yes/no answer, I say no. What say you... My son DOES have scholarships already to...

Elementary School

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Field trips

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Middle School Trip Chaperone Drama

So, my son is a 7th grader and his class went to Kennedy Space Center yesterday. He asked me to go and be a chaperone. I took the day off of work to do this. I get to the cafeteria where all of the chaperones were meeting and they gave out the group lists. I had my son and another boy. Kind of odd, but OK. My son knew the other kid, but they were not exactly friends. The other boy's mom showed up and sat down with him. I introduced myself and she said that she was coming on the trip, but wasn't listed because there was a mix up. ...


School Field Trip

My 2nd grader wants to go on a field trip with his class tomorrow. But the...


Field Trip Carpooling

My 4 year old daughter just transitioned from a home daycare to a full time...


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Do You Have "Friends?"

I've known since I started my profile that there is a "friends" feature. Is there a special significance to having Friends? Do you get notified of their questions and answers? Does everyone but me have Friends? Lol


No "Mommy" Friends

I currently have no "mommy" friends. I would like to find some Moms in my...

Getting to School

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School Carpool Expectations:

I'm in a carpool with a group of other parents. I work just as hard as anyone to get my child ready, fed, and out the door on time - whether I drive or not. One child is consistently late getting out the door. I feel like I could use that extra few minutes - instead of waiting for him. Also, if my kid doesn't have time to eat his breakfast, I sure don't send it with him to eat in another parent's car. (He has to either go without or buy a snack at school.) Lately, this boy is coming out late to my car, with his breakfast, to eat in...


Groups & Lessons

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Sports and Swim Lessons

Hey Mommies! I have twin boys who are 26 months. I am wanting to get them involved in sports and also some swim lessons. My husband and I both work full time so it would have to be on weekends or after 5. Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful!


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High School Lunch

I was reading responses about high school senior traditions and I saw a few...


Home Schooling

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To Home-School or Not ??

Hi there. I need advice. My husband and I are pretty determined that we want to home-school. My son will be 5 in a week, so he technically could be in kindergarden in August. We also have a daughter that will be 3 in July, and a 5 mos old, too. So-here are my questions? How do we even begin to get started? Who do you contact to get info? What do we do to still keep him active with kids his own age? He has been going to pre-school 2 days a week -- but now all those kids are going off to "school". How do you balance...


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What to Do About the Homework?

I may have posted on here about this issue before but now I think my kids are getting too much homework. I don't want to be the only mom in my sons' 1st grade and pre-school class complaining about homework. It seems no one else is and most of the moms I talk with are happy with the homework situation. A few who have complained in the past have been sort of branded as a lazy mom who does not care about their child's education and why in the world would anyone object to homework. Maybe some of the moms don't work fulltime outside the...

Middle School

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Middle School Prom

I need some advice, my daughter who is 13 comes homes yesterday telling me her middle school is having a prom in February. I said prom for midle school, now my issue is when I was in middle school they had mixers and lock ins which would be fine but prom in middle school. My thing is if they have prom's in middle school what do they have to look forward to in high school,I'm not particularly in favor of this idea. All the fascination of the boy asking the girl to the middle school prom and getting a dress and all that of coarse comes with...

Online School

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Private school

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Private School or State School?

If money was not an issue would you send your children to a good private school or a decent state school? Also if in your current financial condition your child won a full scholarship to a great private school would you let him go? What is your opinion of private schools in general? Here are some case studies: 1.) A friend of mine's son won a scholarship to a really good boarding school and his mother refused to let him go because she thought it would turn him into a spoiled brat. 2.) Another friend sent her children to a...

Public School

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Public Shool or Private School ?

My son just turned 4 and next year he will be going to kinder. I am puzzled as to the school choices and can't decide if I should enroll him in a public school or a private school? What are your pros and cons regarding private school and public school? What are the top 5 things I should consider when making this decision? Thanks for your help and suggestions!


Public School at Home

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with any "public school at home...

Public vs. Private School

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Private to Public and Public to Private

Have you ever had to take your child out of private school and place them into public school for a certain reason or vice versa, take them from public and place them in private. What were your reasons for doing so, the pros and cons of each, your experiences, advice and recommendations. Thank you.


Public or Private

Are your children in public school or private or home school? Why did you...

School Lunch

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What's for Lunch!?

Any one have fresh simple ideas/recipes for lunch? My daughters are 6, 4, and 18m and I am haveing the hardest time finding kid friendly lunch ideas that don't take forever to put together. If I fix another PBJ with oranges or Mac and Cheese I think we all four will go crazy.


Cold Lunch for School

I pack a cold lunch for school for my son, but am running out of ideas. I do...


School Lunch Ideas

My son will be starting 1st grade soon and I would like some healthy lunch...


High School Lunch

I was reading responses about high school senior traditions and I saw a few...

School Vacations

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Social Skills

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Social Phobia, Me Again.

As a child I was a social outcast, a nerd. I was overweight, had horrible acne, bad perm, oversized, thick glasses. I was a mess. I was a complete introvert but managed to have a few friends. One became my best friend and was very loyal to me. She moved away when we were in highschool but as adults we still talk every few months. I was depressed a lot during the teen years. Once I lost the weight, my skin cleared up, and I got contacts, I felt slightly more confident. My reputation for being a nerd followed me into high school as I...


What Is a Friend?

Mamas & Papas- What is a friend at age 3, at age 5, at age 7 in the...



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What to Pay a Tutor?

I'm having a college freshman tutor my 7th grader in pre-algebra and english. this is her first time as a tutor and my first time hiring one, and I have no idea what to pay her! I said $10 an hour and she said that sounded good, but my husband thinks I should pay her more. what's the going rate for a tutor?


Looking for a Tutor

hey moms im looking for a tutor to home school my daughter...could you moms...