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Who Does the Holiday Decorating?

Happy holidays everyone! Question here... who does the holiday decorating in your home? Is putting up the Christmas tree a family effort that has evolved into a tradition? While I admit that I may decorate the inside and outside of my home more than the average person, I am feeling like I am a one woman operation. This year I tried to communicate to the hubby that I would like to decorate the tree with our two toddlers together. Needless to say, that didn't happen. I am feeling extra sad about it this year for some reason. I am so...

Decorating Home

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When Do You Put Up/take down Your Holiday Decorations?

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, I am just super surprised at how many of my friends have already had their Christmas tree up for 2 weeks! Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet! I understand that everyone has their own traditions... but I like celebrating and actually enjoying Thanksgiving before even thinking about Christmas stuff!! Thanksgiving gets blown off... but it's my favorite. All the family, friends, and food of the holidays, but without worrying about presents (it's about giving THANKS not giving PRESENTS, I love it!).......

Family Gathering

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Holiday Gathering Woes

Hello, my husband and I both come from homes with divorced parents. Each side is remarried and they ALL live near us. Holidays are a nightmare as our families think that we should come and visit each side and expect equal time. With the new baby, travleing all day does come easily or lightly but everyone is throwing fits b/c we stated that we would have to split up Christmas and thanksgiving. Does anyone else have this trouble and how did you stand firm. We love our families but the thought of holidays is stressing me out SOO much that...


Family Holiday Debate

Hubby and I have been having this debate since we have been married, but it...

Holiday Traditions

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What's Your Very Favorite Holiday Tradition?

For those who celebrate a December or January holiday, whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Epiphany, or any other, even the secular celebrations, share with us your very favorite tradition. Even better if it has an interesting story behind it. :-) No Grinches, please. Let's keep it fun and be respectful. ♥