28 weeks pregnant

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Nagging Little Pains at 5 Weeks Pregnant

Nagging Little Pains at 5 Weeks Pregnant. This is my first child and I have felt every little pain there is but for about the last week and week 1/2 I have ...

HELP! Pregnant and Looking for OB/GYN

I knew what I was having by 16 weeks with each of them (12 wks with one of them) . He will deliver at either St ... 28 weeks pregnancy · pregnancy 27 weeks ...

35 Weeks Pregnant with Breech Baby & External Rotation

Read all 10 responses: "Hi, I'm 35 weeks along with a breech baby. ... My daughter was breech my whole pregnancy and my doctor gave me the option to try the ...

Flying While Pregnant

S.C. answers from San Francisco on January 28, 2009. Hi R.,. I flew throughout my pregnancy for work, up until about 2 weeks before my due date even. ...

1 Cm at 34 Weeks

Read all 14 responses: "Moms, I am 34 weeks pregnant and currently I am 1 cm dilated. ... C.S. answers from Rochester on December 28, 2007 ...

Have Any of You Used Progesterone Suppositories to Prevent Miscarriage?

Happily, I'm 28 weeks pregnant now and owe it all to progesterone supplements. Here's what worked for me: I went to the Reproductive Endocronologist as soon ...

Tailbone, Sacral Pain While Pregnant

I am 25 weeks pregnant, and sit a computer for 7..." ... I NEVER had any back pain or discomfort while I was pregnant! .... Lower Back Pain at 28 Weeks ...

High Risk Pregnancy

I had high blood pressure with the first pregnancy. I was on medication from 28 weeks.. the pressures were about 150/100 but with medication it was ...

6 Weeks Pregnant and Low Heartbeat

Oct 29, 2009 ... 4, so I thought I was closer to 7 weeks 5 days. ... A.M. answers from Wichita Falls on October 28, 2009 ... Preconception and Pregnancy ...

27 Weeks Pregnant and My Hip Is Painful! HELP!

I am 27 weeks pregnant and here in the last couple of days I have been waking up with excruciating..." ... M.C. answers from Dallas on August 28, 2008 ...
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  • flew during my first trimester in 2 answers "I flew during my first trimester and had no problems."
  • advanced maternal age in 6 answers "I was told that due to AMA (advanced maternal age) my risks increased with #3."
  • had high blood pressure in 2 answers "... years old and she recently had her second daughter. She had high blood pressure ..."
  • keep the barf bag in 2 answers "The elevation did make my nausea worse so keep the barf bag close - I threw up everytime ..."
  • put your mind at ease in 2 answers "... will tell you if there are genetic defects as well but put your mind at ease ..."