Baby Shower

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Baby Shower Centerpieces

C.M. asks from Chicago

We are starting to plan my sister's baby shower, which is in January, and need some ideas for some cute inexpensive centerpieces. She is having a boy; this is her fi...


Hosting Your OWN Baby Shower? UPDATED

D.P. asks from Pittsburgh

I have a co-worker that has a SIL who is hosting her own baby shower. She sent out evites herself. Isn't this a bit odd? I thought a mom, sister or close friend, o...


Takin a Shower

M.R. asks from Miami

I was wondering what everyone does with their kids while they shower. My husband travels a lot and works long hours when he is home so most days I can't count on...


Is It Ok to Have a Shower for Your Second Baby?

C.M. asks from Eugene

I was told by a family member that it is not appropriate to have a baby shower with second and subsequent pregnancies. Has anyone heard this and what do you think abo...


Baby Shower Ideas...

J.S. asks from Austin

A friend of mine is having another baby and I want to throw her a baby shower. Here is the thing... this is her fourth child and I know traditionally you normally don...


Shower Favors

E.Y. asks from Norfolk

I am throwing a baby shower for one of my friends this coming weekend and I am looking for something to do for the shower favors that is somewhat original. Does anyo...


Baby Shower Ideas

J.B. asks from Philadelphia

Hi, I am currently planning my sister's baby shower. I have never done this before. I want to come up with something difference as a favor. Any ideas?


Baby Shower Games

M.T. asks from Dallas

Some friends and I are giving another friend a baby shower. What are some great, fun games? Thanks for your suggestions! Tamara


Baby Shower Ideas?!?

L.P. asks from Cleveland

I'm going to be having a baby shower with about 50 people. I'm trying to come up with decorations/center piece ideas that are inexpensive and cute. Any suggestions?!?


How to Plan a Baby Shower

M.P. asks from New York

Hi, I have never been to a baby shower and I don't know what really goes on in a baby shower, except food, games, and unwrapping gifts. any suggestions on the differ...