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40Th Birthday Girlfriend Getaway to Where??

W.L. asks from Dallas

So, I turn 40 at the end of this year and I would prefer celebrating it with a few close girl friends on a wonderful getaway to somewhere. But where? Doing what? I...


Girlfriend Getaway

L.K. asks from Dallas

My sister and I are hoping to get some quiet relaxing time away from everything this summer and we were thinking of Myrtle Beach. Anybody been or have any other sugge...


Seeking a Great "Girlfriend Getaway" Location

L.R. asks from Detroit

My group of high school friends, now in our mid-40's, has finally decided that we can leave the kid shuffling responsibilities to our respective husbands and get away...


Locations for Girlfriend Trip

M.T. asks from Dallas

Anyone know of great locations for a girlfriend trip w/ good scenery, shopping and maybe a spa location in the area? Thanks in advance. M. T


Looking Girlfriend Getaway Ideas

P.F. asks from Chicago

My friend and I are hoping to take a relaxing trip Memorial Day weekend (and leave the husbands with the kids!). Neither of us has any strong preference as to where w...


What's Your Favorite California Romantic Getaway?

L.K. asks from San Francisco

Just wondering if you have a favorite California place to get away? Something romantic? Unique? Special?


Weekend Get-away

K.R. asks from Bellingham

A large group of my friends has an annual 'girls-weekend'. They are all married with children. They can use the break away from their families and get some girl bondi...


JFF: "Brain Getaway" Hobbies/activities--what Are Yours?

H.W. asks from Portland

Last year my girlfriend gave me Bananagrams for my birthday. A few months later, I told her that I needed a tee shirt which reads: "F*** This! I'm going to play Bana...


My First Weekend Get-away... Help!

H.S. asks from Boise

I am getting ready to leave this weekend for four days to go visit some my family. The problem is this is the first time I have ever been away from my almost four-ye...


MEA Weekend Family Getaway -- Where to Go with 7- and 1-Year-old?

D.W. asks from Minneapolis

Our family is looking to get away for a few days over MEA weekend (late October weekend school break in MN). We'd like to stay at a cabin within a few hours of Minne...