Teaching Good Hygiene

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A.R. asks from Knoxville

My husband leaves the house in the morning 3-5 days a week to go to work without brushing his teeth. It makes me sick!!! I discovered he was doing this several months...


Helping Teen with Beauty and Hygiene

J.G. asks from Columbus

I currently work with teenagers at my church. One teen in particular is a precious girl, who does wonderfully academically, and is just a great kid in general. Howev...


Suggestions for Helping 5 Year Old with Hygiene Issues

J.A. asks from Boston

I am looking for suggestions to help me teach my 5 year old daughter good hygiene skills. She seems to have trouble with wiping herself although she is at the age wh...


Teachers NOT Following Good Hygiene "Rules"/Swine Flu

C.S. asks from Chicago

Maybe I am one of those paranoid mothers . . .but my son seems to catch everything that goes around at school. All this swine flu news is upsetting and finding out t...


Little Girls and Hygiene

N.G. asks from Dallas

I can't tell you how many times I've lectured my two daughters, ages 7 and 4, on keeping our girly parts clean, especially making sure they wipe enough after they pee...


Hygiene Habits of Tween: Is This Normal?

T.M. asks from Huntsville

My 11yo DD's hygiene as gone from not-so-great to downright terrible. She used to reasonably good at remembering to brush her hair & teeth morning & night, change her...


Poor Personal Hygiene

B.M. asks from Portland

I refuse to believe this is normal behavior. I have an almost 15 yo daughter that won't shower unless forced. We can get her to if we have something to hold over he...


Tween/Teen Hygiene Question

C.O. asks from Washington DC

As Greg is preparing for Middle School...urgh time flies!!! He will need to have a "gym bag" for toiletries. I've not seen their lockers in the gym so I don't know ho...


Help with Hygiene

L.G. asks from San Francisco

I am at my wit's end about my son's lack of hygiene. Background: he had very severe constipation as an infant and toddler and had a very difficult time toilet traini...


Hygiene Trouble

T.G. asks from Detroit

My son is 10 and refuses to wipe after using the bathroom. His answer as to why is that it "takes too much effort". I have explained to him this is a health issue a...