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Fost to Adopt

Has anyone ever done the fost to adopt program. If you have I would like to know about your experiance and what agency you went with. Any other information anyone else can give me about adoption would be helpful. Thanks!


Hoping to Adopt

If anyone knows of a possible adoption situation...please help my husband...


Looking to Adopt?

Does anyone in the Denver area know of a black family who is looking to...

Foster to Adoption

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Adoption or Foster - Adopt

My husband and I have two wonderful bio girls ages 4 and 6. We would like to adopt a boy younger than 4 and are trying to figure out the best way to go about it. We are beginning the process with the county and need to decide if we would be open to foster first. I feel like this would be a great option as it would be a great trial period to make sure that it is the right thing for our family. However, it could be a really hard road if we are not able to adopt a child who is reunified with his bio parents and this could be heartbreaking....


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International Adoption Spanish/Latino Heritage

For various reasons, medical and personal, my husband and I have made the decision to go the adoption route instead of trying to have biological children. My husband comes from Hispanic heritage (Honduras) and, initially, we were hoping to pursue international adoption with a country with a Latino/Hispanic heritage. From what my research has told me, Honduras rarely adopts internationally and Guatemala has stopped adoptions altogether. Honestly, I feel I've heard/read so many different things that it's a bit overwhelming. Does anyone...


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Experience with Open Adoption Process????

Hello! I have an interesting request/situation. I currently have a student who is pregnant and planning on giving her baby up for adoption, but is looking to have an open adoption. My partner and I are interested in adopting the baby and are open to the idea of an open adoption (no pun intended) but are not sure how to proceed. I know we are in a different situation than most families, and the baby is due in 10 weeks, but we've just started discussion adoption with the birthmother. If she wants us to "have" her baby, what do we need to do...


Hoping to Adopt

If anyone knows of a possible adoption situation...please help my husband...


Fostering to Adopt

Hi to all you wonderful moms, my husband & I are very interested in...

Adoption Resources

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Adoption Experience and Resources.

Looking for adoptive mom's experiences or resource recommendations. We are considering growing our family through adoption and are just starting the process. We were blessed to have our two children with a lot of help from fertility treatment and are done having babies physically. We are hoping to adopt a son. Can you share your story or recommend any books? Thanks!


Help with Adoption

Hi,I'm J. looking for attorney,advisor? That can give me advice on adoption....

Step Parents Adopting

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Can a Step Parent Adoption Be Reversed?

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, but I promised my daughter I'd look into it. When I got remarried, my husband adopted my daughter who was 8 at that time. Her birth father suggested the adoption, and my new husband was willing. We discussed it with my daughter and told her that the choice was hers. I told her repeatedly that she shouldn't do it just for my sake, but only if she wanted to. She agreed to the adoption and we got it done quickly and painlessly with her birth father's consent. Fast forward to 7 years later. ...

US Adoption

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International Adoption vs Domestic Adoption

Alot of people have their own opinion on adoption and whether its right or wrong to adopt from another country. My husband is in the military and it always saddens him to see poverty at its worst and children who truly have absolutely nothing. We have made the decision to adopt internationally and have chose to adopt from one of the poorest countries in the world to try and give a child a better life and a chance to live, healthy. No matter what anyone says we are not changing our minds but I wonder where does everyone stand on this issue...