Preparing for First Day

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Preparing for Kindergarten

A.S. asks from Dallas

My oldest daughter will be starting kindergarten in a few weeks and I'm in a flurry trying to get everything ready. Gathering school supplies, clothes, making after ...


First Day of School Is Approaching - KINDERGARTEN

L.B. asks from Lima

Hi Moms! My firstborn is ready to start kindergarten in less than a month - and I'm already FREAKING out and overwhelmed with anxiety! How in the world do moms do t...


Creative Ideas for First Day of Kindergarten

S.G. asks from Boston

Hi All, I am looking for any advice, suggestions or ideas on how to make the first day of kindergarten as exciting and wonderful as possible. I am looking for ideas...


Anxiety About Kindergarten

L.Q. asks from Washington DC

My 4 year old daughter will turn 5 years old this month. She has never been in a daycare setting. Although we tried many times over the years, she had severe separati...


Preschool/childcare and Kindergarten

M.A. asks from Chicago

Hi mamas, I have a two-fold question. I'm looking for information on preschool/childcare centers as well as Kindergarten near Palos Hills. I'm new to the area. I ha...


Preschool to Kindergarten

A.A. asks from Minneapolis

My little boy turned 2 at the end of July and suddenly we are looking for preschools for Fall 09. It's surreal to be thinking of him as a preschooler when he just tur...


Kindergarten Blues

M.H. asks from Kansas City

My little girl just started Kindergarten and is having a really hard time adjusting. Her first week of school was great. She was excited to go, no problems


Kindergarten Transition

R.W. asks from San Francisco

What do you wish you knew when you were trying to help you kiddo prep for the transition to kindergarten? I know that's a pretty broad question, but I would apprecia...


Homework in Kindergarten

C.B. asks from Raleigh

i have a 6 year old in kindergarten (her birthday is in november) i have been apalled at the amount of homework expected from these children. i don't really believe i...


Preparing the Child for Kindergarten

A.S. asks from Dallas

As it gets closer and closer to the time I need to enroll my daughter in school I'm starting to think of the things she will have difficulties with during the day. R...