Sleeping Habits

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Little Girl with Sleep Problems.

My little girl Alannah will be one on Sunday. Just recently she has been waking up 2-3 times a night screaming, which scares me half to death. I'll get up and run to her room and will have to sit with her until she goes back to sleep! She doesn't have a problem going to sleep at her usuall bedtime. I never had this problem with my oldest child who is 2 1/2 years old. Is there anything I can do to make her sleep or feel more comfortable during the night?

Baby Monitors

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Which Video Monitor?

I would like to buy a video monitor for my son's room. Which one do you have? Do you recommend it or not? What features do you wish (or are glad) you looked for? Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks!


Baby Monitor Advice

We are going to need a baby monitor in two rooms when our second child is...


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How Do You Change a Bedtime Routine?

I give my 9 month old son a bottle every night and rock him to sleep in my arms. I don't put him in his crib until he is sleeping. I'm trying to change his routine since he has been holding his bottle for 3 months now. The last 3 nights I've been putting him in his crib with a bottle, he drinks it and cries hysterically! Any suggestions on how to change a bedtime routine?


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From Crib to Bed

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Transitioning into Toddler Bed

hello moms! I would like to take my 21 month old son out of his crib and into his toddler bed...any advice on how to do so? thanks!....let me clarify by saying that my parents who live in PA do not have a crib in their home..we visit often..he was sleeping in a pack and play but outgrew it..this is why I am pushing to place him in his toddler bed...i wanted him to sleep in the twin bed up there that we will attach safety side rails...I am asking advice for transitioning him into the bed...not advice on whether it is time...thank you

Furniture & Bedding

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Custom Crib Bedding

Hi everyone! I am looking for unique crib bedding for our new baby girl that...

Monsters & Terrors

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Night Terrors and Irrational Fears

Hi Mama's, you all have been a great help in the past and I am again seeking your advice. My Son just turned three and has always been a great sleeper (NEVER up more than once a night unless he is sick). Recently he has been getting terrified of things in his room at night time. Shaddows freak him out and we had to remove some toys that frightened him in the dark. Also he has been experiencing night terrors (I think). He will "wake up" screaming and crying hysterically unable to answer questions or calm down. He does not seem to be awake...


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To Nap or Not to Nap

My son is 2 1/2 and refuses to take a nap. Is he old enough to stop nap times? I struggle with that because if I let him skip his nap, he is Mr. Monster Man by about 6pm. I try to just do a quiet time in his room, but he keeps coming out... should I just drop it?? Thanks ladies!! :)


Nap or No Nap??

I'm wondering at what age other moms have stopped making their kids take...


No More Nap

My son is almost 19 months old and has always been a really great sleeper....


Toddler Won't Nap

My 24 month old has started refusing to nap. Is this "normal" at this age?...


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No More Naps?

My just turned 2 year old seems to not be interested in naps anymore. I was wondering when your toddler gave up their nap and how did you know it was time?


What to Do About Naps

My son attends a day care center that has nap time everyday for all ages. He...


To Nap or Not to Nap

my husband and I disagree on naps for our three and five year old. I prefer...

Other Nursery Items

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Humidifier in Nursery

Hi moms My 3 month old has a mild cold with a little congestion. I've heard it's good to have a cool-mist humidifier running in the nursery during the winter months, when it's dry, and have also heard one should only run it when the baby is sick, otherwise there could be a mold issue. I didn't grow up in this climate, so have no past experience to draw on. Should I run a humidifier continuously in his nursery? (We have steam heat in our condo.) Should I just run it while he's sick, or at night? Any other thoughts or experiences...

Pacifiers & Thumbsucking

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Blankie and Thumb Sucking

I am seven months pregnant and my youngest is just about to turn three. She has a special blankie that she sleeps with and sucks her thumb with. Our pediatrician said that around three is when we should deal with the issue. I think we waited too long. Also, my concern is that if I try to take it away now and try to discourage the thumb sucking with the baby coming that the events are too close together. I know she is going to have other issues when the baby comes. Any advice about how to get rid of the blankie/thumb and opinions on...

Patterns & Habits

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I Need a Schedule!!!!

Is it too soon to put my 3 month old son on a schedule? If not, where do I start? He's a awake most of the day and night.


Getting on a Schedule

i need help desperately. i have an 8 week old daughter and i am about to go...

Refuses Sleep

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My Daughter Refuses to Go to Bed...

I have a 3 yr. old daughter who is the light of my life. I put my daughter to bed between 8-8:30 every night and she refuses to go to bed. She will continue to call me, get out of bed, cry hysterically, etc. At this time of night I have so much homework to do. After telling her continuously that it's time for bed,I try to ignore her hoping she will eventually go to sleep. Sometimes this works, but other times she doesn't go to sleep until 12 am. I don't know what to do. I tell her that she will not be able to watch tv the next day or...


Son Refuses to Sleep

Hi guys. I want to thank you for taking your time out to read this. I am...


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SIDS And New Findings

Does anyone read/listen to NPR? There is an article regarding the cause of SIDS and that it is preventable. I know nearly nothing about it but just wondered others opinions on the topic and/or article.


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Tummy Sleep Issue

Hi Moms, I'm in need of some insight. My son will be 6 months this Saturday, and in the last week or so he has been rolling over quite a bit during wake time. Of course then, at night he is also rolling over from back to tummy while in his sleep. I was fine with that except that the last two nights I have awaken (he's in co-sleeper next to me) to find him on his tummy with his head face-down, asleep. It's as if he rolled to his tummy and then fell asleep before he turned his head to the side. It is really concerning me. I adjusted him and...


Birthday Party Issue

My daughter who is turning 12 in a few days is wanting to have a birthday...


Why Won't He Sleep?

Hey Mammas, I need some advice and opinions with what is going on with my...


He Won't Sleep In

My son is 25 months and I can't get him to sleep past 6:30 am. He used to...

Sleep Problems

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2 Year Old with Sleep Problems

I am looking for help/advice about my 2 year old little girl. She doesn't sleep, she no longer takes naps and when she does sleep at night she has nightmares/nightterrors. She screams almost all night. And since she isn't getting any sleep she screams most of the day as well. I took her to our dr. and he said she will just have to outgrow it. The receptioist there thinks I should take her to a pediatrician unfortunatly as she is on medicaid there is only one in our town that will see her and I refuse to take my children to her, I did once...

Soothing & Comforting

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Soothing a Cough

My daughters have had several colds this winter, but their latest one is lingering in the form of a nasty cough. My elder daughter is almost 3 and she will cough so hard that she gags. This is making her very cranky during the day and wakes her up three or four times a night. I am just wondering if anyone has suggestions for soothing her cough.

Waking at Night

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Could It Be Night Terrors

A little back ground... My one and a half year old daughter has what I thought to be night terrors.. It started at about two and a half to 3 months old, right around the time she started sleeping through the night which would have been great had her 15 month old brother not had them too.. He, however, would belt out this shriek of a cry and cry for anywhere from 5-15 minutes and then silence.. But the doctor told me they were night terrors and would go away.. they did.... Oct 2007.. anyway... my daughter is completely different.. She just...