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Baby Hair Care

Hi ladies,My 7 month old was born with lots of hair.  She has already had 3-4 haircuts.  The problem is that her hair gets really snarled in the back when she sleeps or rides in her car seat.  It is really difficulf to comb through.  I don't want to put product in her hair because of her age.  Am I washing her hair too often?  Is it just her hair type? Other solutions?


Hair Falling Out

hi every one i don't know if any one else has this problem but my hair is...


Chewing on Hair!

My daughter use to chew on her hair, so we cut it so she couldn't chew on it...


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Toddlers and Dandruff???

My 2 year old seems to have dandruff - does that seem weird to anyone? When I comb her hair, it flakes - not too bad yet, but when I part it I can see her scalp is verrrryy dry and almost scabby looking. She takes a bath daily but I only wet and wash her hair every 3 or 4 days. Any suggestions for a product or homemade concotion?

Dry Hair or Scalp

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Solutions for Dry Itchy Scalp

Hi! My Daughter is almost 7 and has a dry itchy flaky scalp. It's only in certain patches of her head but it's bad. I have tried head and shoulders, and other shampoos for dry scalp but nothing seems to work. I took her to a Dermotologist and he gave me perscription shampoo but you can only use it for a week at a time. I heard mint was good but does anyone else have this problem or know of a solution? Thanks


Itchy Dry Scalp

My 6 month old daughter has been scratching the back of her head like crazy...


Itchy Scalp Again!

After swimming in a friends' pool, me and my family all have have itchy...

Hair Coloring

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Do You Color Your Own Hair?

I'm considering coloring my own hair. It's getting where I need to have my hair done every 2 months and I pay a lot at the salon for a cut / color & highlights....But I'm not so sure about doing it myself.............Any advise??


At Home Hair Color

I have my hair colored all brown by the girl who cuts my hair. It costs...

Hair Thinning

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Alopecia! What Do I Do?

My son has had “Alopecia” for over a year now. It started with a small patch of hair that completely disappeared at the back of his head. We took him to a kids dermatologist (twice) but all they told us is the usual ‘oh it’s very common amongst kids and some adults, it will grow back’ Well it has not grown back, now we have to completely shave his head to get rid of the little patches of hair he has left (lucky he has a very pretty head:) Now I am really worried. His beautiful eye brows are thinning out, well at least the...

Head Lice

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Is It Lice???

Hello Our friend came over with his daughter Saturday and found lice on her Sunday...I have vacuumed, disinfected and thrown away the costumes she was playing with. So here's the question my 2 year old has sticky white dandruff looking gunk on the top of her scalp(she is late to get hair so when wet you can see scalp) I didn't see anything moving what is it? What should I do?? She has not been scratching at all, and her brothers look fine. She also loves to rub yogurt in hair...don't ask...and hates to have her scalp scrubbed, which i...


We Have LICE

My itchy head woes continued as we did a lice check yesterday. I have it,...


Question About Lice

My 15 month old has lice. My mom discovered last week when we went over to...