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Not Sure How to Pick a Doctor for My Future Pregnancy:

M.K. asks from Los Angeles

My husband and I are thinking about starting a family in the near future. And I just don't know how to pick a good doctor within my insurance's network. Any suggest...


What Do You Do to Get Your Child to Pick up Thier Toys?

K.M. asks from Austin

I would like to know what others do to get thier kids to pick up thier toys. I look forward to your suggestions!


My Son Throws a Fit When I Pick His Clothes for Him

M.R. asks from Lakeland

I have an almost 4 year old who has a fit when I pick out what he will wear for the day. He always wants to wear pants even when its scorching outside. He doesnt like...


Help! 6Yr Old Is So Sweet but Also a Big Bully!

L.E. asks from Kansas City

My 6 yr old neice is causing my sister and her husband a lot of emotional termoil. She's a very bright girl and seems to pick things up very quickly. She started ki...


Charity donations--Home Pick up SW Suburbs

S.A. asks from Chicago

I am having a garage sale this weekend and not sure what to do with the things that don't sell. I have called St. Vincent de Paul, and they won't have a truck in the...


Would You Let Your Son Pick "Girl" Invitations

B.B. asks from New York

My son's birthday is coming up and I am going to let him pick his own invitations since I don't do "themes". Whatever he likes is fine by me. He loves Thomas and Ca...


Pre-k Teacher Being Fired over Saying the Word "Bully"

H.N. asks from Atlanta

Recently a wonderful teacher has been fired from my daughters school for supposedly calling another child "bully". This teacher was one of the best teachers in this s...


Charity Pick-up Needed

E.T. asks from Dallas

A friend of mine is moving back to Europe and would like to donate household goods, furniture and clothes to a charity. Do you know an organisation that would pick up...


JFF: If You Could Pick ANY Superpower to Have That You Could Keep F....

L.F. asks from San Francisco

If you could pick ANY superpower to have and keep it F., what would it be? Why? I needed to lighten the day with some humor--would love to hear yours. Mine wou...