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Gestational Diabetes at 18 Weeks

R.F. asks from Detroit

I am 18 weeks pregnant and found out today that I have gestational diabetes. I have a 2.5 year old, and when he was 6 months old I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, w...


34 Weeks Preggo and Miserable,

J.W. asks from Columbus

OK. I posted something not to long ago but here is what is going on now. I am 34 weeks pregnant and measuring 40. I am absolutely miserable. I hurt, can't sleep, ...


Showing at 6 Weeks? Am I Crazy???

M.B. asks from Kansas City

Hi Moms, I am 6 weeks with my 3rd child and I SWEAR I'm showing!!! Does everything happen faster? I was hoping to wait until week 12 to tell everyone, but I may not...


Measuring Small at 22 Weeks

S.K. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas! I am 22 weeks pregnant and just had a doctor appointment yesterday. Ofcourse, I have my questions now, after leaving, and instead of calling the office th...


Swelling in Groin Area While 28 Weeks Pregnant

G.B. asks from Tyler

So I am in my 28th week with my second child, and I noticed some large swelling in my groin area last night. It's a little inward from panty line, and migrates upwar...


Excessive Saliva at 18 Weeks?!?!

F.A. asks from Chicago

I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with my second child and experiencing a strange side-effect. My OB says he's never seen anything like it before and I'm desperate for...


8 Weeks Today

H.M. asks from St. Louis

I am 8 weeks pregnant today finally. However, I have a cyst along with my baby. The cyst is 3 times larger than the baby right now. Has anyone else had to deal wit...


28 Months - Suddenly Won't Go to Bed

J.M. asks from San Francisco

My DS has always gone to bed without a fuss, we have a normal routine of three books, brush teeth, sit with daddy in front of tv for few minutes, then goodnight, lull...


Popping Out at 7 Weeks Pregnant??

N.O. asks from Detroit

Hey ladies, I am 7 weeks pregnant with my second child and am a little surprised to see that I already have a little belly showing. Isn't this kinda soon? I mean, ...


Weaning a 28 Month Old Who Does Not Want to Wean

J.M. asks from Seattle

I reluctantly began to wean my daughter in July, but have since given up. My husband and I are trying to coneive and I am now 40. We started trying in April and it se...

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