First Aid

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CPR And First Aid Training

My husband and I need to get CPR and first aid training. I'm having a hard time finding a class that we can attend. Does anyone know of someone that teaches or a company that can do a private class? I could even get a couple more people to join us if we need to.


Do You Know CPR?

There was a question earlier this morning that got me wondering why so many...

First Aid Products

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First Aid Kit

What do I need for a home first aid kit? Of course I have the basics: bandaids, Tylenol, ice pack. What else have you found to be helpful? Thanks!



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Help, My Son Won't Take His Medicine!

Ben, 2 1/2, is on antibiotics for a possible staph infection on his cheek (again). I'm having the hardest time getting him to take his medicine. He wont take it willingly, he will just spit it out. I have to have him take it, else he will end up in the hospital like last year for 5 days on IV antibiotics. I've tried bribing him with lots of different candy, but he still wont take it. I've tried mixing it with applejuice, but he still tastes it and wont drink it. I've tried doing it very slowly while he is sleeping, but he will just...


Won't Take Medicine

I have an almost 2yr old daughter who currently has a UTI. She is supposed...