ultrasound pictures 28 weeks

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Have You Heard of a "Small Fetal Stomach"??? I'm Scared.

So, I went in for my 20 week ultrasound and all looked well, ... Please remember that a prenatal ultrasound is a series of pictures at one point in time. ...

Fun Ways to Announce a Pregnancy

I was also 16 weeks preggo when I found out, so it made the ultrasound part easy . .... Take a picture of your youngest wearing a big brother or sister tshirt and ... 28 · Need Unique or Special Way to Tell Parents/in-laws That We're ...

When Did You Find Out You Had Twins?

I will be 19 weeks tomorrow, but my 10 week ultrasound showed one baby. ... C.S. answers from Kalamazoo on September 28, 2008 ... They have pictures on the walls depicting the different spices they use in their pho broth. ...

Looking for Creative Way to Tell Family About Baby on the Way

(almost as surprised as they were 2 weeks later when we discovered I was carrying twins!) ... for the 2 kids and 1 for an ultrasound picture? or 2...one for a picture of both ... I got a picture frame that said "GRANDKIDS" with the letters cut out to put .... 28 · How to Tell the "New Grandparents" the Good News! ...

Placenta Previa

Read all 14 responses: "i am 13 weeks pregnant and an early ultra sound shows ... Keep those pictures. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ... with my first child from around 20 weeks to 28 weeks and it cleared up . ...

Pregnancy After D & C

I had my 10 week ultrasound this past Saturday..." ... As for grieving I still have all of my ultrasound pictures of my first baby in a little ..... same thing with her 3rd pregnancy before me & is still 28 years later emotional over it ...

Cleaver Way to Say.... I'm Pregnant "Again"

You could take your ultrasound pictures and put it in a frame with "Christmas 08 " and ..... I am confused about one thing, Is you youngest only 6 weeks old? ...

When/How To Tell Family That You Are Pregnant

2 Sep 2009 ... C.D. answers from St Louis on August 28 2009. Hi M. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Will you be getting an early ultrasound at 7 weeks or ...

Amnio- Should I Should I Not "HELP"

I'm 17 weeks pregnant and had my second ultrasound yesterday. .... If you would like I can foward you some pictures of what he looks like.....send me your ...

Need a Fun Creative Way to Tell Our Family We Are Having Another Baby

... until Mother's Day since it is just a little over a few weeks away. .... My husband & I took pictures of fun poses and props at BabiesRUs store. .... Hi, My son & daughter-in-law wrapped a framed picture of the first ultra-sound photo and ... 28 · Need Unique or Special Way to Tell Parents/in-laws That We're ...
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