Preschool & Head Start

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Pre K

A.S. asks from Detroit

Attention all mommy's and daddy's out there. I need your help... I have looked online and looked at schools and I have called around asking for prices and what infroma...


Is There a Pre Pre K?

R.T. asks from Orlando

Hi I heard that there is a pre pre-k for children under 3 years old. Does anyone know of a school that offers something educational (not day care) for kids under 3. M...


Pre K

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I'm confused. My 4 year old son is a little on the imature side and his pre k teachers suggests that I wait until he is 6 to start K. His b-day is 4/21 so he'll be o...


Pre-K Or No Pre-K?

T.M. asks from Tampa

What is everyone's opinion of doing a year of Pre-K before starting kindergarten? Given my daycare situation (see my other post), I am considering having my daughter ...


Pre-k Problems

T.V. asks from Houston

My 4 almost 5 year old just started pre-k at a private school and he's having a lot of problems. His is not finishing his work in a timely fashion, not listening/follo...


Pre-k or Move Him On?

K.M. asks from Denver

Hi! Curious what you gals and guys would do! So my son just turned 4 on the 17th he is currently in pre-k with an IEP for ST and OT he has SPD. In our school distri...


Pre-k Graduation

R.F. asks from Dallas

My daughter's pre-k class does a graduation. It helps recognize the transition from pre-k at the preschool to Kindergarten at the elementary school. They do the cap/go...


Pre K Vs. K

K.B. asks from Savannah

My son just turned 4 in December, and should be going to Pre-K this fall. However, the preschool that he attends uses a very good curriculum that teaches the 4 year ol...



M.H. asks from Kansas City

Hi Ladies, Is there such a thing as a public school pre-k program? I hope that makes sense. I am looking at some church pre-k programs and we are tight on money lik...


K Or Pre-K

J.F. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter will be 5 Sept 3rd and I'm not sure which program to put her in. Some of the schools have a cut off of Sept 15 around here and some have Sept 1st. The on...