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A Good Hair Salon?

M.U. asks from Dallas

Hi Ladies, I'm a mom here in Allen and need a good hair stylist. I just moved here two months ago and my hair is in severe need of a trim. Can someone direct me to t...


I'm a Huge Fashion NO NO! Need Help Please!

T.L. asks from St. Louis

Now that I have you attention. I am a huge fashion no no. Are there any websites that you can recommend where I can go buy entire outfits? I have my plaid shirt...


Do You Blog?

B.. asks from Fayetteville

Who is a momma blogger? I'm always looking for good ones to read :) Why do you blog? What do you blog about?


High School Dances of today--Do You or Would You Let Your Kids Go?

K.S. asks from Detroit

Okay, gals. What are your opinions on the current dance moves the kids do at high school dances? My daughter is five, but I cannot imagine allowing her to go with wha...


Is There Something to Help This Peri-menopause Irritability???

M.G. asks from Kansas City

Hello Mamas, I am 48 and peri-menopause is upon me, the one symptom I just can't seem to get relief for is the irritability. My Dr. prescribed Wellbutrin to try to ...


Tween Behavior!

C.M. asks from Chicago

This has been happening a lot lately, I think we have a TWEEN in our house and we don't know what to do!! I write my daughter's chores for the day on her dry erase...


Daughter Doesn't Care

K.V. asks from St. Louis

Okay I know this seems like a so what, but I have a daughter who will be turning 12 this month and she does not care about what she looks like. I really don't mind t...


Looking for Great Pediatrician in Tacoma

L.S. asks from Seattle

We are moving to Tacoma and I am looking for a new pediatrician for my three boys. I am especially concerned about getting the proper care for my 8 year old with spe...


Public School: to Uniform or Not to Uniform?

T.R. asks from Orlando

My daughter goes to a public elementary school and school uniforms are encouraged but not mandatory. So while she was fine wearing a uniform in K (excited even, of c...


America's Fascination with Youth

R.H. asks from Austin

I am so over the youth campaign here in America. I was looking at Celebrity Apprentice Sunday night and Ivanka said the demographic for her OVERPRICED clothes was 25-...

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