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Middle Child - Middle School Syndrome

R.K. asks from Columbia

I have 3 wonderful children, but I am affraid that my middle child is falling behind. She use to be a VERY bright student, but since she hit her teens...she seems to...


Silly Bandz!!! Updated!!!

D.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Ok--we are just about overrun with SillyBandz! anyone else? We keep them on several clips (climbing clip carabiners) and then clip them all together. How do you ma...


Anyone Scrapbook Anymore!?

P.H. asks from Detroit

Would like to find someone to help motivate me to get my scrapbooks caught up again! I used to scrapbook regularly, but since 2005, it's been a pile of supplies in t...


Help I Need a Great Hairstylist in the Frisco Area!

A.C. asks from Dallas

I'm looking for a new hair stylist in the Frisco area. I want someone who's up to date on current hairstyles and can give me a trendy but medium length style. Has any...


Skimpy All Star Cheerleader Uniforms

C.M. asks from Chicago

I'm a new coach of an All Star Cheerleading Squad. The uniform trend for All Star Cheer Squads are a half-top that shows the belly and a skimpy, tight stretchy cheer ...


Seeking Hair Stylist in Pleasanton Area

N.D. asks from San Francisco

I moved to Pleasanton 2 years ago and have been returning to the Penninsula to get my haircut. I now have a 3 month old baby and realize that this is impractical. I...


Clothes for Young Teen Girls

A.S. asks from Chicago

Where do your younger teen girls (still in middle school) like to shop for clothes? My daughter loves Aeropostale but it seems like a lot of their clothes are simila...


Do Women Wear Nylons/pantyhose with Dresses Anymore?

C.K. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms! I feel so out of it asking this question, but do women wear nylons/pantyhose with dresses anymore, or is that a terribly outdated look? I am attending a fo...



R.S. asks from San Diego

How do I delete this question.


Sleeping on His Tummy

E.B. asks from Seattle

My three month old is a tummy sleeper. This is driving me nuts. We have been co-sleeping with him. I really would like him to be crib trained soon though. We did ...

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