I'm a Huge Fashion NO NO! Need Help Please!

Updated on August 05, 2011
T.L. asks from Cuba, MO
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Now that I have you attention.

I am a huge fashion no no. Are there any websites that you can recommend where I can go buy entire outfits? I have my plaid shirts and skinny jeans from last season, but are these still going to be in style? Ahhh how do I become more fashion savy?

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So What Happened?

So what are timeless classic pieces? I already have a black a-line skirt.

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answers from Richmond on

I'm still wearing stuff I wore in HIGH SCHOOL, including my little brother's old t-shirts ;)

It really doesn't matter WHAT you wear, as long as you're comfortable and wear it with CONFIDENCE :)

I can't give any website recommendation, but I love reading those celebrity gossip mags, and I suppose they give pretty decent wardrobe pointers, though I follow my own style ;)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

go to www.youlookfab.com Best fashion blog you can find for real women. They have formulas for dressing (like the 'mom-on-the-go') that make it super easy to put together outfits. Everyone is so nice there so don't be shy to ask the forum questions-I have never once seen a flame.

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answers from St. Louis on

You need to ignore fashion websites and find what looks good on YOU.

I have seen maybe 3 women in my entire life who actually look good in skinny jeans.

Like another poster said - timeless, classic pieces make you look sexy, sophisticated and stylish. What could be better?

Get some laid back items from Old Navy, and get some better items from White House Black Market, Banana Republic, Barneys, J Crew, etc. Go to the store with a friend whose fashion you admire, and have her help you!

Read this:http://ezinearticles.com/?How-to-Dress-Classy-With-Little...

Examples of timeless pieces:
- Crisp white pants that fit well
- White button down shirt from banana republic and some flare (not too much flare) leg, DARK wash jeans from WHBM.
- Trench coat - classic khaki, knee length
- Knee length skirts, pencil and casual
- Feminine cardigans - these are no longer just for Grandma (You can find these at Ann Taylor or The Limited)
- Simple, classic heels/pumps. Two inch heels - no glitter, no wedge, just simple, and sexy
- Casual Sundresses - you don't have to spend a fortune. I am 32 years old and still find fabulous casual things at Old Navy. Simple, knee length feminine sundress with a very low kitten heel or flats/flip flops.

I could go on and on.....I love this stuff. I could literally dress everyone based on their body type. All of my friends, big or small, drag me to the mall with them!

**And fashion is NOT overrated - it is what makes you FEEL and LOOK good. It is what gets you that promotion over the women in elastic pants. It is what makes your husband do a double take when you walk by. It is what makes you confident when you walk in for that interview, or even just taking your kids someplace. It is what encourages you to continue to take care of yourself, inside and out, and be healthy. Confidence is the key to so many things. People really do underestimate that.

Have fun!

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answers from New York on

Old Navy website has the option to sort by "outfit"
Ann Taylor Loft also has the same feature
Talbots (I believe)

Classic Pieces:
- dark wash, well fitted jeans
- white button down
- cardigans (in varied colors)
- black pencil skirt
- nice khaki pants
- classic black trouser
- classic gray trouser
- classic fit navy pants or skirt
- denim jacket
- black blazer

With certain well-made "staples" in your closet, you can rotate "trendy items" and accessories to keep them fresh!

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answers from San Antonio on

subscribe to Redbook magazine. They have, each month, some sort of fashion mix n match. IE: They have one skirt that helps make 10 different looks. They pair it with a sweater and belt and viola - you're ready for work. They pair the same skirt with a tank top and scarf and sandals and viola - you're ready for the beach. I am always fascinated with this part of the magazine. Yet I stick with my jeans/capris and tunics. That's just the way I am.

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answers from Detroit on

I purchase magazines and create a style file by cutting out the outfits that I like and purchasing items as close as I can get it to my style file one piece at a time. I also follow this blog even though I do not have a lot of curves I like the bloggers style.


I like that she has each item listed and not exspensive

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answers from Chicago on

To learn Tim's 10 Fashion Essentials, read more
•Basic Black Dress
•Trench Coat
•Classic Dress Pants
•Classic White Shirt
•Day Dress
•Cashmere Sweater
•Sweatsuit Alternative
•Bonus: One Indulgent Trendy Item Under $20

According to Tim Gunn these are the basics ... and for the most part I agree. For SAHM's you need a few pair of jeans/kahki type pants and NICE t-shirt/top options as well ... some of these can by "trendy" if you like. Honestly, a woman wearing a pair of well fitting jeans, a white or strong color shirt with well used accessories/shoes catches my eye more than a woman dressed in the latest trends. I like to follow hair/make up trends more than clothing, unless the clothing trend suits me, because they are easier to keep up with and transition in and out of your daily routine.

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answers from New York on

fashion is so overrated. While you don't want to look like a throw back from the 80s or 90s - there's no need to be a slave to the latest fashions. Go to the Mall, Target or Marshall/TJMAxx and find things that work well iwth your body type. Always check out your back in the mirror - that seems to be the biggest thing that goes unchecked. And try to be age appropriate. If you're a young mom in her 20s you can wear junior style clothes - but if you're in your late 30 or older try not to look like someone trying to recapture her youth! And if you have a few extra pounds as many moms do dark colors do look more thinning and wearing the same darker shades on the top and the bottom help too!

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answers from Boca Raton on

I don't know but wanted to add that I have the same problem, so thanks for asking this question!

I *do* like "Lucky" magazine for ideas . . .

My beef is that clothes today are so immodest! No, I don't want to walk around in what - in my book - is a CAMISOLE! Good gosh I used to wear a suit jacket or sweater over those things. And I can't stand low-rider jeans or pants either.

It's tough to keep it simple these days.

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answers from New York on

I don't know your age, Anne Taylor Loft and Banana Republic are perfect for the 25-50 age range. The clothes are classic yet feminine and fun. I think plaid shirts are for teenagers. I have skinny jeans too that I love but I pair them with a more modest top.

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answers from Williamsport on

Depends how edgy/classic/whatever you want to be. Start being on the look out for actresses or women you look up to-or even women you see around town YOUR AGE and YOUR BODY type, and see what they wear. Look in magazines occasionally to make sure you know what recent looks are. I doubt you want to buy whole outfits like matching adult granimals(sp?) but finding pieces that flatter you and interchange is key. There have to be some body type web sites out there to suggest jean sillhouettes that work etc. Anything goes really, as long as it looks good on YOU. Styles from last year are still OK if they fit you. Just boost it up a notch with groovy new shoes or something. There will always be stylish items that only look good on a small percentage of people (mini skirts, skinny jeans) so if you can pull it off, great. If not, pick something else, there are always ways to wear all shapes and silhouettes (except pegged capris...those will not flatter anyone..they may achieve a preppy look OK, but they do not flatter). Even people who are not pencil thin can pull off skinny jeans with tunics and knee high boots or chunky wedges imo. But avoid petite shoes with them if you've got a rump :)

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answers from Chicago on

you need to get timeless classic pieces

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answers from Washington DC on

Well, sometimes I think I'm a huge fashion no no, so I don't know if you want to take advice from me! I like to watch TLC's "What Not to Wear" - I feel like I could be on that show! I get good ideas from it. This Spring I did some shopping at Ann Taylor and LOFT. I used to think they were the expensive stores (and only bought clothes at Target and Kohls) but if you go when they have a sale then it's really not bad. I bought some nice things for spring and summer and have felt better about myself! Try going into those stores - they're stylish (in my opinion!!) And the salespeople were really helpful to me :)

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answers from Jacksonville on

I read People mag online and go to the Style tab to see what everyone is wearing and what the styles are. I'm pretty sure the skinny jeans will be in again this season!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Check out the budget fashionista website. She gives tips on how and where to shop and classics vs. trends.

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answers from Appleton on

The Style cannnel has a program called 'How Do I Look' that is to me better than "What Not To Wear'. The attitude is nicer, though they tend to pull together outfits that I think are more dressy and not for everyday wear.

Instyle magizine has some nice looks and they sometimes have charts that deal with body types and what cut of clothes works best. For instance if you are big busted, halter tops tend to reduce the look of your breasts. If you are short waisted, pants and jeans that hit below the waist make your torso look longer. Cuffed pants make the legs look shorter.

It would help to know how old you are and what kind of job you have or what your social activities are.

Do you have a friend who knows how to pull together nice outfits? Ask her to go shopping with you and help you put some stuff together. Plan on a long shopping trip, I would wear nude undies and bra, and plan to try on lots of outfits. Have your friend help you to see how each outfit enhances or detracts from your beauty. As long as you are shopping and trying on get a bra fitting. You can have the cutest clothes but if your undergarments don't fit you still won't look as nice as you could.

Good luck and have fun shopping.

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answers from Houston on

I don't know your $$. I love Talbot's and Kasper. Also Chico's is wonderful. I have gotten a couple of things a Burberry (outlet) and Ann Taylor. I love classic styles with simple lines. They never go out of style. If I could live in the '50's style I would!!!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Why don't you try the "What Not to Wear" site? I don't know too much about it, but the TV program is helpful, because you can learn more about how to put outfits together from what's in the stores, and what may look best on your body type. I like sites where I learn how to think, not just what to do. It's great to buy an entire outfit (I wish I could!), but it's greater to know how to pull a look off when you can't buy an entire outfit.

It may depend on whether you want to be trendy or just up-to-date. If you're trendy, you have to rethink what to wear every week, it seems, just to be ahead of what's going on. If you just want to look good, you have a bit more freedom. Some fashions stay in style for more than one season. I'm not a fan of skinny jeans (well, truthfully, any skinny jeans that came in my size would not be skinny jeans any more!), but they may last longer, fashion-wise, than the plaid shirts.

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answers from Seattle on

:::If your dressing for someone else, you'll always be rotating clothes and feeling frumpy. Find things you feel truly, classically, BEAUTIFUL in. Pair them in ways that delight your senses.

Look in magazines for things you like. Look around you at people walking on the street. Ask yourself, "what IS it I like about that person's outfit. Is it the color? The fabric (the way it flows/is stiff/looks warm)? How would those cuts look on MY body? Are those clothes going to last a decade? Two?"

Look in nature, look in urban landscapes, find visual inspiration.

Fashion, to me, isn't about following trends as much as presenting oneself with beauty and care.

I have a buddy who's fashion is absolutely opposite to me. She's all about loud colors, contrasting prints, polyester, flash, pop, bang. She looks gorgeous...because she wears what feels GOOD to HER.:::

I have a pair of skinny jeans. I'll wear 'em with loose cream colored sweaters and knee high leather boots (I'm in the North West where that is possible 10 months of the year).

Here's my philosophy. I will spend a pretty penny on one good pair of shoes. Once every few years, I'll throw down two hundred on a pair of boots that are dreeeeeamy and GOOD quality. In my climate, these are my every day boots, save 60 days out of the year. They MUST be comfortable and durable to hold up with that amount of wear. I just bought my pair for the next few years after retiring my old ones. They are so tasty. Gorgeous pthalo-blue fluevogs. Yum.

I'll search sale racks until I'm blue in the face and wait until I find the PERFECT pair (most of them start out at three to five hundred dollars so I'll wait and wait and wait until the right ones start getting marked down (and are my size - I have big troll feet)). Once a year, or so, I'll get a nice quality, sale pair of heels/fun shoes/sandals (cost: five to thirty dollars).

I also covet nice quality accessories. My girlfriend, who used to work in an upscale boutique gave me a gorgeous silk/wool blend scarf that is woven with chocolate-grey and honey-cream stripes. I have a pair of nice sunnies from Ross. They are a decent brand, and cost all of seven dollars. My Mom (who is transitioning into her 60s) passed on a nice black leather belt. I've found a few AMAZING finds in little thrift stores in rural america. Things of immense value and quality for a dollar or two. I go treasure hunting. "Will this be something I will still be able to wear in five years?" "How 'bout twenty?" Garage sales and thrift stores have some fantastic finds.

My Mom's wardrobe still includes clothes she bought when she lived in Sweden THIRTY years ago. They are gorgeous and back "in". Heck, she passed some of those on to me when I was a teen, and I still wear them ;-)

Anywho, anything but shoes, I won't spend more than ten dollars on.

But I'll look at magazines for inspiration. I sew and alter some clothes to make them more special (and to fix them when they are wearing down).

Trouser pants are the best cut on me. A slight bootcut jean. I have a few tight skirts, ranging in length. I'll get tights and leggings at Ross for cheap. Those are things that can be switched in and out depending on what era we are in.

I DON'T buy on trend. I love, love, love aesthetics and of course what I like is influenced by what I see around me. I don't get things that are just a fad though. I get things that will last, and that I LIKE and like to pair with other things.

I like buying for fabric. Linens, good quality cotton, silk, wool, cashmere...fabrics are timeless too. I have a slip from the 1940s hanging on my wall. It's tattered, so I don't wear it...but oh is lovely and soft.

Go through your closet and find all the clothes you don't wear. Organize a clothing swap with your girlfriends and dump all the mishaps in a pile..."one person's trash is another's treasure..."

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answers from Dallas on

Is there anyone on tv that you particularly like thier style? You can copy an outfit on someone that has a similar body to yours. For instance, Angelina Jolie, always wears monochrome. She's in all black, all grey, all taupe, or all brown, solid colors, never any embellishments or patterns. I like it. She always looks pulled together. So, I have a few monochrome outfits that I wear with fun chunky jewelry. Another, stylish lady - Beyonce. She always wears short shorts with heels with a big billowy glittery top. I dont wear short shorts! But I do wear capris, with kitten heels and an embellished flowy top. I like to look online for stars dressed casually, usually g=walking through the airport or something and that gives me ideas for cute every day outfits with stuff I already own. Like putting jeans, with a white tee, leather biker jacket, and gladiator heels. I already had everything but the jacket and found a $20 vinyl one at a discount store.


answers from Detroit on

My opinion?

Who cares? Where what you're comfortable in!



answers from New York on

While I personally love the skinny jean, there is no way my huge stomach is getting into a pair. My huge butt loves them too but my stomach not so much. In an attempt to become a fashionista, I would employ this philosophy and strategy. Look at magazines and clip out looks you like. Find sylish people you know and copy them. Not an identical copy but take that syle and make it your own based on your body type, age and preferances.

This is what I do. I also try on everything when I go to the stores. Some things don't translate well from the hanger to my body. I don't bring friends or family or even trust the sales girl. I go with my God and my own gutt.

Lastly have fun. It takes time to build a decent wardrobe.


answers from Chicago on

Go and look online, it depends on your body type, go to this website and take a look at the clothing and styles-http://www.nyandcompany.com/nyco/....I love this store and they are always having sales! Go in and shop they will even help you! For me it's more about comfort/fashion...I have to run around with three kid's so I can't do the high heels or platforms-only because I can't run after my 3 yr/old in them lol.....Take a close friend with you that will give you an honest opinion..Don't stress out too much and make it fun!

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