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Being a New Mom, How Much of It Is Common Sense? or Must You Read Read Read?

S.2. asks from Flagstaff

I'm a first time mother 39 weeks today. My sister and I live together she's 35 weeks pregnant. I've always felt like there is only so much you can get out of textbo...


Fashion Choices of an Overweight Girl…

C.R. asks from Washington DC

At what point to do you step in and try to redirect your child’s ensembles? I believe she is old enough to make her own choices and as long as it is clean and appr...


My Daughter Doesn't Always Fit In

D.C. asks from Greensboro

I have a 9 year old daughter and she sometimes has a hard time keeping friends. Usually, whenever she goes into a new school or when a new girl starts in the school ...


Is This Behavior "Typical" for a 10 Y/o Girl?

J.J. asks from Toledo

My 10 y/o daughter seems to be lazy (for lack of a better term) when it comes to personal hygene. She never seems to be able to wipe herself properly when she goes t...


Bummed About Group B Strep Results

C.S. asks from Minneapolis

I have tested positive for Group B strep and now will have to be given (I think it's mandatory anyway) IV antibiotics during labor and delivery. I am a needle-phobe ...


What Is Your Relationship with Your Own Mother?

M.A. asks from Toledo

I'm just wondering what relationship do you have with your mother. Mine had its ups and downs but lately it is a nightmare. My mother always criticizes everything I d...


Seeking Pediatrician for One Month Old Daughter

N.C. asks from Los Angeles

hello, i am currently seeking a pediatrician for my new one month old daughter. Do you have any referrals? Thank you. N.


Seeking Stylist That Can Advise/perform a Makeover

D.S. asks from Kansas City

My LO is only 6 months old, but in that short of time, I've really let myself go! Well, I'll admit, my looks haven't been a priority in a while, but I think it's gott...


Need Hair Stylist That Knows What Looks Good on People

K.M. asks from Phoenix

My hair has always been a low priority for me, so I usually have it chopped once or twice a year straight across the bottom (I'm low maintenance when it comes to hair...


Need Good Hair Cut & Color

K.M. asks from Portland

Can anyone recommend a good salon and stylist that i could go to? I have THICK hair and need a good cut and color but want someone who knows the styles!

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