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Updated on October 14, 2012
B.. asks from Schenectady, NY
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Who is a momma blogger? I'm always looking for good ones to read :)
Why do you blog? What do you blog about?

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answers from Houston on

I blog, about interior design, some crafts, personal fashion, recipes, meandering thoughts. I blog because it helps satiate my creative side and helps me document trends like my inspiration files/style book. I also have a personal blog, that is mostly private.

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answers from Washington DC on

I blog but have been very neglectful lately.
I am getting better with it. I have a post that will truly make it more of my take. I am going to add more of my everyday stuff to it. Right now it is more me searching after the birth of my daughter and the emotional issues from my last pregnancy

Here is the link



answers from Memphis on

I blog mainly about women, family, and children's interests. I like to support small businesses ran by stay at home moms, and charitable organizations. Follow my blog at:

This month I'm having an awesome giveaway!
Check it out:)



answers from Fargo on

I don't blog but I love the Confessions of a Pioneer Woman blog. Ree Drummond is the author and she's quite famous now. It's a fun read!



answers from Seattle on

I have a blog but still learning the whole thing and how it works. I try to keep mine more on informative things than it being all about me and my family. Like if I find a product that I really love or a book I read or maybe an article I came across.
I also had another one that i started a while back but neglected that I need to get back to for my tea business I think I linked the two



answers from Los Angeles on

I started blogging when I was pregnant. It's a great digital scrapbook. And the whole family loves going back through it to review!!

And you can write as much or as little as you want.

I definitely think being a Mommy Blogger is the way to go!!


answers from Kansas City on

I don't do it everyday like I have off and on. But I do. I blog about my kids, family, daycare, and pets. Most people would think it's just about my daycare, but that's not true. There's just no line between family and daycare and the kids are family to us.



answers from Dallas on

I do, I do! I don't know what I'd do without my blog, it's such a great way to "get it all out" sometimes. I started it when I found out I was pregnant last summer.
Warning: I can be a little dry and sarcastic!



answers from Charlotte on

I started a blog when we moved. It is an easy way to keep up with all the family and friends back home and out of state. Mainly I blog about the family~ what the kids are doing, how things are going, and funny stuff that makes us laugh. I also put down my thoughts, opinions, and questions, and concerns things that make me go Hhhmm?? I love going back and rereading post I have done and being able to update it with a current one. I have lots of funny stories as all 4 kids are so different, even the hubby cracks me up. You can check it out if you care to~



answers from Charleston on

I dont have a mommy blog but I have one that is scrap kit related. I make scrap kits and give them away free on my blog. I also am on the creative teams for several scrap kit designers and I test their scrap kit scripts for paint shop pro before they put them in online stores to sell. Things I have made with their scripts are also free on my blog such as tags for emails.
Feel free to to take a look at it and download any thing you want. It has some adult rated tags on it but nothing that is really x rated. Some things are goth related.


answers from Dallas on

Yes, we blog too. Ours is about the adventures of our family. Our oldest was born with a really rare, fatal disease (causes bone marrow failure and cancers), so it's an easy way to let family/friends keep up with her. We also like to use it as a journal for our family as a whole. We have a total of four kids (#5 on the way), and we use it to record some of the things we do. We homeschool, so some of it is along those lines. I also love photography and share a lot of photos from that (not all are "great" photos, but some of a bit more professional looking than others!). Usually it's light and somewhat entertaining, but of course, there are those more serious entries when Emma is going through hard medical issues and such.



answers from New York on

I started a blog back in September when the decision was made that we would be living in London for three years due to my husband's job. I figured it was not only a great way to keep family and friends informed on our life abroad but it was also a great way to keep a running journal on our experiences and travel!

Check it out...



answers from Birmingham on

Me, too! I just started blogging on about my pregnancy. I'm a first time mom, so everything is new. I love to get feedback on what to do right! My latest post was about firing my OB:

I want to set up my own page so I can cover design and life in general... when I have the time. :)



answers from Fort Walton Beach on

I finally started one a month our two ago. Mainly stuff about the family, some personal opinion stuff, etc... I do it for a number of reasons; for family to keep up with us and because I need a creative outlet. Feel free to check it out.
Happy reading :-)



answers from Salt Lake City on

I've been blogging since 2007 just about my family life. It's probably not very interesting, but to me, it means the world because I can look back and see how wonderful my simple life with my children really is. Sometimes I will write a post and think "Well, that was kind of a dumb post." But then a year later when I go back and read it again, I'm grateful for EVERY word and picture I documented. I also get my blog printed into books every year. You're definitely welcome to stop by!!



answers from Clarksville on

I blog about being a mom to 2 girls with a husband currently deployed. My blogspot is:



answers from Houston on

I love reading good momma blogs, i have learnt more from them than my momma could teach me !



answers from Raleigh on

I do blog! I'm not blogging on mamapedia yet but you can find me at if interested in health, fitness and nutrition info for women. I blog because I love it, love sharing info in hopes of inspiring someone to just begin taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle or simply adding to an already healthy lifestyle. You'll find anything from nutrition info, tips & recipes, anything fitness, women's health issues and more!
...btw, I see you're from Schenectady, NY! Lourdes Camp - I'm from Binghamton originally and went to Lourdes Camp one summer! Small World (=

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