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Kids , Winter Coats N Cars

I was not aware it's dangerous to put kids in the carseat with their winter coats on. Makes sense since they are so puffy n huge. But then , my question to all the moms in the mid west. How do you manage when the temps are in the negative for days/ months together? Taking the coat off just to put in carseat seems like lot of work , when you have so many errands to run. But I do understand safety is more important. Do you always take off their coats while they are in their carseats? Thanks.


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Advice on Mittens/ Gloves for Young Children That Stay On!!!!!

Does anyone have any advice on any brands of snow (water proof) gloves or mittens for young children that will stay on their hands? I have a 4 y/o and a 2 y/o. I have tried several different kinds/ brands. I find that I am constantly fixing their mittens because they keep slipping off their hands. Most of them are so rigid the kids get frustrated because they can not grip anything. Any suggestions?


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Son Complaining of Leg Pain

HELP! My middle son, David (3 1/2) has been complaining of leg pain. It wakes him up at night and he cries saying "Mommy it hurts" I ask where it hurts and he said "all over". I get into bed with him and rub his legs and he does go back to sleep. Its been only the one episode per night but he was at my moms for the weekend and he had her up every hour or so. I haven't had that experience yet. Can anyone tell me if this is just "growing pains" or I should I contact the doctor asap. I don't know if it matters but my mom recently got...


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I Need a Great and Durable Backpack for Nursing School

I am starting nursing school in the fall and I'm looking for a durable backpack. I've looked at Target, Walmart and Staples and have seen adult backpacks from $30-$120. I'd like to stay under $100 and I want to make sure that when I buy one that is semi-expensive that it will last for a couple of years. Has anyone bought a nice backpack recently that they really like and found to be durable and comfortable as far as the material, straps, zippers, etc. Also, many of the more expensive ones that I'm seeing are "laptop" backpacks with...


Baby Life Jacket

I'm trying to find a life jacket for this summer for my son, he just turned...

Diapers & Diaper Changing

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Cribs, Car Seats, Bob Revolution, Nordic Cab? Ugggg.

Anyone have a car seat, baby jogger, stroller, crib, glass baby bottles, co-sleeper....any product for a new baby.... that they love? I am overwhelmed by the choices. We are looking for excellent quality and as non toxic, as possible. I understand many of the paints, glues are not good for the baby! Organic is great! I was looking at the Bob Revolution baby jogger, and some kind of car seat that would fit into that for the first several months of use. Also, Nordic Cab's Sport Combo jogger. LL Bean shows both. Thanks so much!


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Back-To-School Backpack Help

My son will be entering the 4th Grade...Last year he had to lug an agenda (3-Ring Binder) with him everyday...on top of his lunch box...and in the winter snow pants and sneakers. He can leave the snowpants and sneakers at school for the week, but I like them to come home on the weekends. Plus, I have no idea what other books he will need to bring home everyday. I am looking for a backpack that is going to last me, is big enough for all his stuff and not that expensive. He keeps saying he wants one on wheels, which makes sense now a days...


Child Bike Seat

i have a beach cruiser with a rear rack that is not removable. i am looking...


Gym Locker Question

I've been trying to take my kids swimming at our YMCA more so we all stay...

Height & Weight

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Clothes for 5'4" 11 Yr Girl

I need ideas about places to find cute clothes for my daughter. She's 11 yrs old, but 5'4" and a little overweight. She loves the clothes at Limited Too and Justice, but the tops are all too short and/or skinny. When we go to jr's clothes (Limited, Wet Seal, Gap, etc) the clothes tend to be too skinny and if they're not too skinny, they're too busty, or they're not age-appropriate. She's a girly-girl and doesn't care to wear "grown up" fashions. We have tried all over the mall and no luck, as well as Kohl's, Target, Walmart, Macy's,...


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Ill-fitting Long Underwear!!! Ugh!!

I desperately need to find "underlayers" that fit!!! I have tried Wal-Mart's, Target's, Kohl's, and even LL Bean's. NO BUENO!! The cheaper ones I listed are all too short. My ankles deserve to be warm, too, don't they? I like for my underlayers to fit snuggly, but when I buy smaller, they are shorter. Right now, I have on my silk underwear from LL Bean--size small. The legs are long enough, but they are loose and the waist band is sitting right under the boobs I don't have. Yes, I have been plagued with a short waist my whole life,...


Polo Shirts for Kids

Where do you buy polo (or other collared) shirts for your kids? Ideally I'd...


Mentally Ill Father

To make a very long story short, the father of my 5 month old daughter has a...

Illnesses & Symptoms

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Coughing Associated with Allergies/asthma???

This allergy thing is all new to me as we got my daughter tested a couple months ago and she is allergic to EVERYthing except for food. With that in mind, once we put the LL bean hypoallergenic comforter in the duvet cover for her bed, she has been coughing. Not having trouble breathing per se but I did give her a shot of her inhaler and it helped. Does coughing go hand in hand with allergies? I originally thought it was a cold and therefore treating it as such. When exposed to pets, she does get the astmatic type symptoms however I am now...


Constant Runny Nose

Hi momma's since starting preschool my DS constantly has a runny nose every...


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Flying with 9 Month Old

I will be flying to FL from Boston with my 9 month old son on Wed. The flight is about 3 hours. I just wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions to help the time in the air go smoothly!

Skin, Hair & Bath Care

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High Quality Hooded Bath Towels

My nephew is turning 1 and I want to get him one of those hooded bath towels with an animal head on the hood. I looked at Target and Toys R Us online, but the customer reviews said that the towels were really poor quality. I want something that is going to last him years. eBay has a few vendors, but I was hoping to get a recommendation from someone who bought a hooded towel and had it hold up for the long haul. Thanks, S.


Quick Drying Towels

Need to replace our bath and face towels and would like to get ones which...


Pre-teen Skin Care

I have a friend whose 10 year daughter is starting to break out, primarily...


Sleeping Habits

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Need Christmas Sleep pants/p.j.'s for Teen Boys! Help!

We have a tradition going and got a late start looking this year and I can't seem to find anything I like. Would appreciate ideas on where I can search. Have tried, etsy, amazon, target, kohl's. Any other ideas? At this point, I'll probably just order online. Thank you!

Stages & Milestones

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Preparing for Kindergarten

My oldest daughter will be starting kindergarten in a few weeks and I'm in a flurry trying to get everything ready. Gathering school supplies, clothes, making after school care/child care arrangements, making sure I have all her records with the school. I started to think about it that we are doing everything within our power to make this new transition as easy for her as possible but no one is preparing me. :) I was looking at the Welcome to the School Letter that I received in the mail and almost burst into tears. I remember bringing...