Polo Shirts for Kids

Updated on April 03, 2012
E.T. asks from Albuquerque, NM
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Where do you buy polo (or other collared) shirts for your kids? Ideally I'd like online stores so I can just order them. My girls are going to a school that requires solid color shirts with collars in the fall, and the only places I can think to buy them are Childrens Place and Lands End. There have to be more, right?

And... do you have any advice on material? I usually buy all cotton shirts, but is there a reason why we'd want cotton/polyester polo shirts? Do they get less wrinkly? Which hold up best?

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answers from Atlanta on

JC Penney, Target and Walmart all carry "uniform" styles in a variety of colors and you can order them online.

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answers from Spokane on

old navy

I am not sure they have girls polo's, but I know they have boys and that you can shop on line!

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answers from Chicago on

target, walmart, sears, jc penney, kohls, almost all stores have them. do they have to be white or can they be any color? school uniform outfitters have them. my kids uniforms came from school bells but we also got them from jc penneys and the other stores when they were on sale.


answers from Minneapolis on

Cotton just breaths better, holds shape better. Thats why I do it. Doesnt have to be just Cotton I think.
I do Crazy 8 and shop by inquiry on google.



answers from Kansas City on

I buy my son's polo shirts at Old Navy. They usually hold up well, and they have a variety of solid colors. I love that they come out of the dryer without curled up collars too! Just be sure to buy a size larger than usual, as I've found they run a bit small. They are inexpensive enough to buy a few in each color. Good luck!



answers from Des Moines on

As a child, I went to private schools and wore solid color polo shirts. Mom always got ours at JC Penny though she probably ordered them from the catalog (you know, before internet days :p )



answers from Honolulu on

Old Navy
Online for both.
They often have sales and free shipping too.
This is where I buy from all the time.

All cotton is best.
I don't like cotton/polyester. It is hotter.

As a tip: girls, can ALSO wear the "boys" polo shirts. It just depends on color and print.

Also, even if it is 100% cotton, it does not get "wrinkly." Just take it out of the dryer, immediately, and hang on a hanger.

Also: try Target online. They probably have lots.



answers from Syracuse on

Land's End
Old Navy

I like the LLbean ones, they are a very lightweight cotton and come out of the dryer wrinkle free. My son wears them year round and they look nice.



answers from New York on

Kohl's has polo-style shirts for children in solid colors. I just bought a ton for my son for the spring/summer. You can order them through their website too.

I have also had good luck with Old Navy, but depending on the season they will carry more patterns than solids!


answers from Norfolk on

Lands' End
LL Bean
French Toast
Unless things have changed recently, kids clothes I've bought from Walmart in the past fell apart after 2 or 3 washings and I just gave up on them.



answers from Kansas City on

Try googling "school uniforms". I know there are quite a few out there that have polos for cheap. Also, there is JC Penney.


answers from Chicago on

My daughter is counting down the days until she graduates from 8th grade and never has to wear a polo again! I personally hate this dress-code rule -- I'm so sick of polos.

We always get ours at Aeropostale. Do you have those stores near you? They have a wide variety of colors/stripes/solids. They also wear well. I haven't found that to be the case with Lands End or others, and we've been doing this now for 8 years.

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