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Updated on July 20, 2011
A.S. asks from Dallas, TX
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My oldest daughter will be starting kindergarten in a few weeks and I'm in a flurry trying to get everything ready. Gathering school supplies, clothes, making after school care/child care arrangements, making sure I have all her records with the school. I started to think about it that we are doing everything within our power to make this new transition as easy for her as possible but no one is preparing me. :) I was looking at the Welcome to the School Letter that I received in the mail and almost burst into tears. I remember bringing her home for the first time and now I'm sending her off to school. It made me wonder if anyone else has had any moments like that? How do you prepare yourself for the change as well? Any encouraging stories?

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answers from Wichita Falls on

Because my son (my oldest) was diagnosed as on the Autism Spectrum when he was about 2 1/2, ECI only covered up to age 3 so I dropped him off for his first day of public preschool on his 3rd birthday. I was beyond overwhelmed! He'll start 2nd grade next month, and has been on the A/B Honor Roll so he's doing well...but to think that this is will be his 6th "first day of school" is still hard to get my head around! And this year, the school's decided to go to a uniform, and his sister (my youngest) will be joining him this year for preK 4 so brand new uniform clothes for 2, on top of supplies, ect...she's so excited about it I try to get excited with her...and I am...but I'm going to cry like a baby when I watch MY baby walk into the school and to her classroom on that first day...but hope not to let her see it! It'll all be ok, welcome to the club!

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answers from New York on

I didn't really have those sad emotional feelings. When my oldest went to kindy, it's wasn't like separation was something new - she was in daycare since 8 weeks, went to preschool. I found it very exciting! When my youngest went to kindy, I was already a 1 1/2 year breast cancer survivor and those milestones did not make me sad, they made me feel happy to be there for them. I don't get teary over that stuff. Of course, in two years when the oldest heads off to college, you can ask me again. Good luck and ENJOY. This is a very special time!

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answers from Beaumont on

Yes, you are totally normal. Just get a plan for YOU. She'll be fine. The change is tough but remember our job is to make them self-sufficient. Just guide her along. Don't worry, she'll always "need" you in her life and you've got her for 12 more years at home!!! EEEK! :)

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answers from Austin on

I sucked it up so she would not freak out.

We were to take our kids to the cafeteria. She sat down next to the cutest little girl. We told her "this is 'Suzy' she is going to be in your class, what is your name?" She said "Paige". "Well good it looks like the 2 of you are in the same class!" And then we said good bye.

When we got to the parking lot, my husband and I gave each other a huge hug. I told him I would call him in an hour to check on him. He was a puddle. When I picked up our daughter that afternoon, I made sure to ask her all positive questions. "What fun things did you do?" "What was your favorite food at lunch?" "Who did you play with on the play ground?" "Who did you get to sit next too?"

At dinner we asked about the rules in the classroom, the school. We asked about homework. It was a very special day. I know a lot of it was based on us, being matter of fact and not "nervous Nellies". She just always knew she would "get to go to big school" and she was going to love learning.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Kids adapt to school much easier than parents do. Really it's hard whether it's Kindergarten or 2nd grade (my son will be in this). If I think about it too much I still get emotional. Is your daughter going to full-day or half-day kindergarten? My son went to full day and poor little guy was so tired when he got home. I broke down after I dropped him off so he wouldn't see. Good luck!

I agree with Ava A. I take a picture of my son in the same spot at the beginning of the year and end of the year. I keep a scrapbook so we can always look back on it.

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answers from Tyler on

With my oldest, her kindergarten teacher had these cute tea bags with a poem attached for all the "nervous" mommies, I wish I kept the poem it was about now was time for our kiddos to learn while having fun and that they would be loved and cared for while Mommy had time to sip a cup of tea and enjoy her time. Oh yes, I cried at first, but her school also had what they called a Boohoo/Yahoo Breakfast for parents, it was a place to get to know other parents and sorta get chilled out about the environment and people your kids would be left with during school. If you know any other mommies or daddies at your school, you can arrange to meet somewhere for coffee and start your own first day tradition. Our group still tries to get together every year and my oldest will be a Junior in high school! Good Luck to you and your daughter!

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answers from Seattle on

i have another year before my daughter goes to kindergarten and I am a wreck about it already!!!
You are not alone in feeling this way. I wish I had some encouraging stories. I will have to read the post you get to help calm my nerves for a year from now! :-)

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answers from San Francisco on

I don't know if this is true for you, but our neighborhood school is walking distance from home (vs the 10 minute drive to the preschool.) I love the fact that he will be close to home.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I was blessed to work at my daughter's Montessori kindergarten so I saw her all the time. But when she went to summer camp for the first time right after she turned seven I was in the parking lot shaking and fighting back tears as Dad said "Don't let her see you cry," while her bus pulled away. And I held the tears until the bus got far enough away for her to only see me waving, not the tears streaming down my face.

It's hard, but your child is growing. There's going to be so many more times of change, and I still don't know how to prepare for them. Just embrace them, be happy for her, and pat yourself on the back for doing such an awesome job as her mom❤


answers from St. Louis on

I have not gone through this yet (daughter will start next fall) but I already have a plan to take her clothes shopping, out to lunch and to get pedicures as a 'going back to school' present. We'll do that each year!

The morning of her first day we'll either go to breakfast or make her what she wants (probably waffles or pancakes) then I will drop her off at school. We live in the country so I'm sure she'll ride the bus (unless I can drop her off on my way to work but I have a feeling that will be too early).

I plan on journaling how I felt, what she was doing/liking on her first day of school each year and will take her picture before she leaves and put that into a scrapbook like other mamas have said so that when she's older she can look back and see the pictures/journals from each year.

I have a feeling I will be a mess all day the first day of school! Just thinking of my lil baby in a big school...I think she'll LOVE it and hope she does (I loved school) but still makes me sad that she's old enough to go. But at the same time, happy and excited for her!



answers from Honolulu on

My youngest child, my son will be starting Kindergarten!
Its bittersweet.
But he seems excited himself.
I have explained to him already, that his last month of Preschool is this month and next week will be his last week at Preschool. He already had his Graduation.

I already got my kids school supplies. The lists were sent home very ahead of time.
I already am ready in that respect.
Got both my kids school clothes because they both grew a TON.
Got him his wheely back-pack from LL Bean.

My daughter already went through this, so I know what to get and what not and how the routine goes.
My Daughter is excited to have her little brother at school. He already knows a lot of people there and other kids & Teachers know him already too, because he has been going to the elementary school since he was a baby.

It will be okay, AriaMom.

Once I do take my son to Kindergarten on his 1st day... well I will probably get all choked up.
My last and youngest child... growing up.
My little Dude... who looks at me all dreamy eyed and tells me things like "I love you so much Mommy... " and he'll hug me and not let go for minutes.



answers from Dallas on

My son is 3 and I almost started crying after reading this post just thinking about sending him to kinder.

I taught at a large elementary school for 8 years and can say that kids love kindergarten! She will love it. The only caution: Make sure she gets into the school and to her classroom (whatever the school procedures are) and that she gets home. One parent, inexplically, dropped her daughter off at the front of the school and said, "Ok! Go to school now" and left. When she came to pick her up, she was not in the kinder classroom she was assigned. After an hour of panic looking for her, she was eventually found in a first grade classroom using a different name.

You, and she, will do great!



answers from Jacksonville on

I had got all my stuff together for my oldest son, registered him, got school supplies and everything. When I called the bus barn to get the bus number I was fine, when she told me the time they would pick him up I started crying "This was really happening!!"
He is going into the 8th grade this year and our middle child is starting kindergarten wonder how I will be with the middle child?? Time will fly by so make sure to take her picture of her next to the same thing every year. I remember reading somewhere where they also took a picture of the shoes she wore that day, then her senior year her mom made a photo collage.
Good luck mama it will all work out. :-)



answers from Tyler on

My daughter is a second grader this fall and I am still adjusting! Last year I remember feeling ready for first grade and then the next thing I knew it was summer vacation already. Take it all in. Share in her excitement. She is going to impress you in so many ways this fall and beyond:)

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