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Updated on February 21, 2012
V.M. asks from Conneaut, OH
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I've been trying to take my kids swimming at our YMCA more so we all stay active. I"m getting very frustratred wtih how small the lockers are. There is room to hang a winter coat and put in a pair of tennis shoes but that' about it. I have a big Man Sized Addias "gym" bag to hold three towels, suits/changes of clothes, soap and shampoo. and my wallet. I either need a new locker or a new bag, Can anyone recommend a style that will fit nicely in a very narrow locker??

It's actually the bag that's the problem, but a typical tote bag like the kind LL bean sells wouldn't fit either. a backpack If it held everything wouldn't let the door shut. so what do you gym rats do?? especially the people changing into work clothers or something, do you unpack it all and use two lockers??

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So What Happened?

It was a crazy question. I just kept thinking i was missing something. Thanks for not being mean. other than I was a tad offeneded by the are you a man comment. I'm guessing because i mentioned the man sized gym bag dh gave me. so i'm over it, Just laughing now because no way in heck would a man as a question like this. totally not on their radar to wonder about the size of a locker and what other ladies do that might be a abetter alternative.

no way i'm leaving coats in the car it was 33 degrees on Sunday. But we can all be respoinsible for our own stuff and just use that many lockers. Summer will come soon and this won't be an issue at all :)

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answers from Boston on

Hi! My daughter's answer is to use more than one locker! Actually, she says a lot of the swim team girls use more than one locker now that our Y got those little ones.

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answers from Detroit on

I put my coat, clothes and purse in one locker (with a lock, and the kids' coats and clothes go in an unlocked one. As for towels, we take them out to the pool area so they don't need to go in the locker.

I make each kid carry in their own towel from house to car to YMCA and wear their swimsuit under their clothes. I bring several plastic grocery bags they put their wet stuff in after we swim, and again they are responsible for carrying those bags to the car, into the house, and throwing all the wet stuff in the washer as soon as we get home.

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answers from Denver on

I was thinking about the towels. Camping stores sell towels that are extremely absorbent but super thin. I bought my son one when he went on a missions trip and needed a towel but was extremely limited as to space. I bought it at a major camping/outdoor recreation store. I didn't think such a thin towel could dry off anybody, but it did! Other than travel size shampoos and soaps, I don't have any other suggestions. Oh, those towels also dry extremely quickly.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

When we go to the Y is is always full and other lockers are not available. The one thing some of the parents do is to put the stuff in a locker in the adult locker room, they are full size, but obviously this won't work if you have kids that you cannot leave unsupervised because they are not allowed in the adult dressing rooms. Otherwise you need to wear your clothes, put the swim suits in a small bag with a couple of towels, then just roll each garment up and stack them from the bottom up in the locker. You don't have much choice if all the lockers are full like our Y is.

I know what you mean about them being packed.



answers from Seattle on

I would use one locker for you and one for the kids :)


answers from Washington DC on

No, I can't recommend a new bag.

I can recommend the following:

leave the jacket in the car.
trim down what you take to the gym. If you go after work - I get it - but maybe change at the office before you pick up the kids....

I just know that I wouldn't take so much "stuff" to the gym. but that's ME. I have in my gym bag (when I went to the gym - now I go to my girlfriends house and use her total gym) were two towels - one to dry off equipment and one to shower with, all in one shampoo/body wash - like pert - yeah - funky but I'm not there to shave my legs and scrub. I get the sweat off and go home.

Get a Vera Bradley wristlet - oh wait - are you a man?! if not, the Vera Bradley wristlet is a great wallet!!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Extra locks for additional lockers?

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