Looking for the BEST Diaper Bag

Updated on February 02, 2011
J.T. asks from Youngstown, OH
7 answers

Anyone just love their diaper bag? I am looking for something that has lots of compartments and just works! I have an Eddie Bauer Weekender bag, it's alright and I have a Carters suede diaper bag. They serve their purpose, but I want something that is just great. I have 2 little boys, 3.5 yo and 1.5 yo and I have another baby on the way. I want something that will serve all 3! Thanks for any recommendations!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I 3rd the backpack idea!

That is all I ever used...my old Jansport backpack I had from HS! :)
Held everything we needed and was easy to carry, kept my arms free and I loved that hubby would even carry it!!



answers from Columbus on

Go to yahoo and click on groups and check out the group called babybags. The ladies on there have tried every diaper bag known and really know their stuff. They can recommended the perfect bag based on what you carry and your kids ages.


answers from Rochester on

I agree with the backpack idea...I think you're past needing a diaper bag. YOu can get great backpacks with TONS of compartments.



answers from Seattle on

ME!!! But I just used a backpack. Held everything I needed (including an entire change of clothes for kiddo and I in case of "Dang!" accidents / diaper explosions/ *how* does vomit ignore the laws of physics... in ziplock bags... that the icky cloths would go into during the change), easy to carry, and about 1/2 as much $ wise as anything with the word "baby" or "diaper" in it. I kept "everything" in the big pouch, and grab and go things in the small pouch... 1 or 2 diapers (half a box of them in the big pouch), wipes, juice, sunscreen.



answers from Toledo on

We have an L.L. Bean back pack that we use and love. I agree. The backpack is the way to go and then you can still use it later as the kids get older.



answers from Washington DC on

I also have a backpack that I use for a diaper bag. Ours doesn't have a lot of inside compartments, but I don't need them. I use the "water bottle" pocket for sippy cups, and the front pockets for snacks. It's wide enough for my folded diaper changing pad along the back. I find it a lot more compact and portable than the big diaper bag DH prefers to lug around. If you got a backpack with more pockets, you could have compartments organized per kid. And if you do it right, you could wear the baby and still wear a backpack, too.



answers from Cincinnati on

Thirty One Gifts have great bags! A lot of the moms in my area carry the Cindy Tote - it's very roomy. Purchase the zipper pouches to store things in and organize in the tote to keep items separated. Here is my consultants site: http://www.mythirtyone.com/Laurie31gifts/ - Best Wishes!

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