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Crafty Shower: Anyone Tried Decorating Onesies & Bibs?

K.K. asks from Phoenix

Hi, crafty ladies. I'm throwing a shower for a friend in about two weeks. We're thinking that instead of the usual shower games, we'd have a craft or two for people t...


Decorating an Alligator/swamp Theme Preschool Boy's Room. Where to Start?

K.J. asks from Dallas

My son LOVES alligators and we are from Louisiana, so I was thinking of decorating my son's room like a little swamp with some camo and alligator theme throughout the...


Cake Decorating Classes

J.K. asks from Detroit

Does anyone know anywhere in the downriver area that has cake decorating classes available? I am interested in taking some courses! Thanks


"Trunk or Treat Decorating Ideas"

A.M. asks from Chicago

I need some cool & inexpensive ideas for our school's Trunk Or Treat decorating contest. I've never decorated a car let alone my SUV'S trunk. LOL..


Need Decorating Ideas

M.C. asks from Dallas

I want to throw my son a mad science birthday party. I need cake ideas and decorating ideas. Snacks and whatever clever ideas you mommas have.


New Interior Decorating Business

R. asks from Houston

I have recently started an Interior Decorating Business. My services include painting, flooring, new furniture and decor items, furniture placement, holiday and them...


Decorating Canvas Bags

I.X. asks from Los Angeles

I need to come up with some craft ideas for decorating canvas bags for 120 children. Ages 3-12. Thoughts? The kids will be coming in by age group in groups of 20 ...


Decorating a Play Room

S.M. asks from Phoenix

I want to start decorating my kids playroom, the room where they have their toys right now is the first living room when you enter our house but I would like to paint...


Family Friendly Decorating

K.V. asks from Detroit

As I was wiping dust from my dresser, I silently cursed the day I decided to buy a black furniture set. Then I started thinking about my numerous home decorating regr...


Decorating Lockers - Boys

G.♣. asks from Springfield

My son is starting 6th grade (junior high) next week, and the students are encouraged to come in on Friday to "set up their lockers." My niece (same grade & school...

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  • used their lockers in 2 answers "None of my kids (one boy two girls) even USED their lockers."
  • fabric markers in 5 answers "I have used the fabric markers and fabric paints for years on several different projects."
  • fabric paint in 4 answers "We used puff, fabric paint."
  • wall decals in 2 answers " has animal wall decals"
  • fabric paints in 2 answers "I have used the fabric markers and fabric paints for years on several different projects."