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My 18 Month Old Has a Lazy Eye, Any Tips or Suggestions Would Be Helpful.

I've heard people say that with their kids they had them decorate it with ... They looked just like huge band-aids. We bought a bunch of stickers and let her ... Unfortuately the doc I saw when he was younger told me that he'd grow out ...

Car Sickness in 3 Year Old

The doctor told me to give her Benadryl, and we also use the Sea-Band ... He's 3 , & his doc said that I can't give him anything for it until he's 10 or 12. ...

6 Month Old Still Has a Flat Head from Sleeping on His Back

Furnishing & Decorating · Garden & Landscaping · Holidays & Entertaining ... The surgeon told me that my son do not need the band and his head is round by itself because ... They make head shaping gear,ask your Doc. Good Luck! Helpful? ...

Need Help with Mistery Bumps/rash on Son's Legs!

My niece who is 4 has had strange bumps pop up all summer and the doc still can not figure out ..... My surgeon said stop the band aids. The rash got worse, ...

Severe Sickness in Second!

Furnishing & Decorating · Garden & Landscaping · Holidays & Entertaining · Home Maintenance .... Nothing helped so I quit the meds the doc gave me....check them out, .... My doctor told me to get a wrist band made for sea sickness. ...

Swimmer's Ear - Need Ear Plugs

Furnishing & Decorating · Garden & Landscaping · Holidays & Entertaining .... I comes with colorful ear plugs and then a Neopean head band that is adjustable ... had so maybe ask you doc about it or another mom might now how to do that. ...

Hormonal Imblance and Trying to Get Pregnant

Furnishing & Decorating · Garden & Landscaping · Holidays & Entertaining .... All you really need is a band aid solution to get things working until you get ... the hormonal imbalance and after about 2 mos o fthat My doc told me that if ...

Help! Spider Bites on My 2 Year Old Nephew!

... with prescription bactroban then covered with bandaids preferably those .... to ask the doc about it and take him to an infectious disease specialist to ...

Ouch...C Section

Aug 25, 2009 ... Furnishing & Decorating · Garden & Landscaping .... give yourself a chance to heal ask the doc who did the surgery when it is ok to start ...

How Do You Know When a Wart Is Gone?

I had one frozen off by the skin doc and then my finger got so infected it had ... and covering w/a band aid for a while. then it went completely away this ...
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