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Interior Decorating Help in Keller Area

V.S. asks from Dallas

I am looking for someone to help with interior decorating. I have a new home in the Keller area and don't know where to start... I do not want the pretentious model h...


Cookie Decorating ?

B.F. asks from Toledo

Hi! I would like to make sugar cookies and decorate with frosting for my son's birthday party...does anyone have an awesome go-to recipe? Or any advice about making ...


Decorating for Soldier

C.M. asks from Fayetteville

I've got a soldier coming home soon and would like to decorate our front window for him. What's the best medium to use? I've heard of people using white shoe polish, ...


Cookie Decorating

A.N. asks from Des Moines

My friend and I get together every week for crafting. Next week we are planning on letting our children decorate cut=out cookies. Total there will be a 4,3,2,1 year...


Decorating Question...

T.M. asks from Tampa

I am SO excited. We just spent our tax refund to buy new living room furniture. It is way overdue. We have leather furniture now in which the leather is splitting ...


Decorating Cookies

S.F. asks from Dayton

I want to start a tradition for the day after Thanksgiving for my family. We are not shoppers on Black Friday so that is out of the question. I thought we would mak...


Decorating on a Budget

D.A. asks from Dallas

Both of my boys' rooms are in desperate need of a makeover. I need very cheap ideas on how to make their rooms' exciting. My oldest just turned 4 and my youngest is...


Traditional Icing or Buttercream for Decorating Cake?

L.D. asks from Modesto

I am going to make my sons birthday cake to save money. I know you can use the traditional icing for cake decorating (piping, letters etc.) using the bags and tips, b...


I Need Ideas for Decorating a Drab Reception Hall...

S.M. asks from St. Louis

Okay all you decorating guru’s... here is a challenge for you... I am on the board of directors for a local non-profit organization. We have 3 major fundraisers to...


Need a Recipe for Crisco-free Decorating Frosting

S.S. asks from Dubuque

Hello. I am very much an amateur with cake decorating but enjoy making special cakes for family. I really dislike decorating with frosting that requires crisco or s...

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  • add more powdered sugar in 2 answers "... It's easier to add milk to a dry mix than it is to add more powdered sugar ..."
  • cheap thrills decor in 2 answers "I live in Haslet and I use Cheap Thrills Decor."
  • dry erase markers in 2 answers "Dry erase markers work great!"
  • window paint markers in 2 answers "Walmart has some window paint markers in the craft section that work great."
  • each frosting color in 2 answers "... we used a sturdy paper plate each and put a dollop of each frosting color ..."