Decorating an Alligator/swamp Theme Preschool Boy's Room. Where to Start?

Updated on March 09, 2012
K.J. asks from McKinney, TX
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My son LOVES alligators and we are from Louisiana, so I was thinking of decorating my son's room like a little swamp with some camo and alligator theme throughout the room.
I was thinking of a boat for bed, but may to go with bunk beds and camo like tent or bedding. I would like to browse through ideas and put together some ideas.
COULD you recommend any websites or anyone's services who may could help me. I'm no decorator but I know what I want, just don't know how to get the resources to help me! lol
Thanks a bunch!

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So What Happened?

THANKS EVERYONE for such great ideas! I think I'm going to try and build (or have somebody) a duck blind type bunk bed and use camo hunting stuff from academy and bass pro shops to really make it look authentic, all the suggestions were SOOOOO helpful! thanks everyone!

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answers from Detroit on

I got some plain, flat, wooden alligator shapes at Michaels and painted them then used removable velcro tape to tape them to the walls. We added palm trees and monkeys as well for a jungle theme. I think Michaels still carries them. They are in a section of the store with other wood cut-outs.

I also used the shapes to decorate a lamp shade.

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answers from Indianapolis on

You might want to look for a local painter/artist in your area. Have them paint real paintings on the walls......I know a woman in Indy that does that for a living, she does model homes too.

I just put this into Google and game up with a bunch of websites. alligator/swamp room decor Give it a shot.

Good Luck and I hope your son loves his new room. Take care.



answers from Seattle on

Oh! How fun!!! I hope you can get a smallish airboat fan for the ceiling! Not to mention mosquito netting for the bunk, shadowmoss to hang from a leaf swing, wall mural, jawbone coat hooks, etc. to go with the gators I'm sure you've already got <laughing> Whoops... the art student in me is popping up.

For decorating in a budget make SURE to check out the local CC's and or art schools. You can get an interior design student basically for free to do all of the tracking down, layout, fetching, etc. while you get full creative control (just as an example I thought of a list of maybe 30 things just from hearing " " 'gators, swamps/bayous, LA" that I would have a client or friend go through to see what they'd like and what they wouldn't). They get to add their drawings and photos of the completed room to their portfolio for later clients, and depending on their current classes, can even receive credit for it.



answers from Sacramento on

My advice would be to start with basic, non-themed items in the right color scheme and then add a few key elements that turn it swamp-y... that way you don't have to completely redo everything in a year or two when he's not so into swamps... or you can remove the theme-y stuff and it'll be a nice big boys room.

Most of the boat beds I've seen are sailboats or pirate ships... not very swampy... If you're very handy, you might be able to take a real rowboat apart and make something, but if it were me, I'd go with bunk beds and bring the theme in elsewhere.

There's a paint color a friend used in her house called "cash green" or something like that, which could be perfect for your walls.

A beige or khaki bed spread would work and natural wood furniture.

THEN look for wall decals with swamp pictures.

Get some actual photos of alligators, enlarge them and hang them in light weight frames on the walls.

Use some camo fabric to make a couple of throw pillows and window coverings and that should be plenty to take the pattern around the room.

Maybe a swampy throw rug too.

Good luck with this... you'd be surprised how much theme a room can take on with just a few pieces.



answers from Dallas on

I know of a woman who is just starting her mural painting business. She does a wonderful job! If I am not mistaken, she is still looking for one more mural to paint for only the cost of paint - just so she can build her portfolio.

Let me know if you are interested, and I will connect you two!



answers from Dallas on

I would recommend my friend Holly, she has helped me with a couple of my rooms and kept me in budget.....

If you need a mural painted I have a friend that is amazing.
Grethel Berry
She has a son and has painted his room a few times some very boyish things......she does free consultations.



answers from Dallas on

Hmm, I would start with UpperCase living. They have great ideas and may be able to help. Here is a contact for Stephanie, she is great!



answers from Davenport on

I would start with a sporting good/hunting supply store. Look for ideas there. Do you still have friends or relatives in Louisiana that can email you pics of swamps. has animal wall decals



answers from Philadelphia on

OH MY GOSH-----My son too!!!!!! He loves alligators, snakes, the swamp, the different spiders and insects in the bayou, we live in PA right outside Hagerstown, MD, we dont live anywhere close to the South but he is obsessed. He loves Billy the Exterminator, Swamp People, Swamp Wars, Animal Cops, Gator Boys, Everything History Channel, A&E, and Sportsmans and Outdoor Channel programs, everything outdoors!! I dont know where to begin with patterns but I was thinking Tans Walls and green grass and swamp looks on bottom of walls, doing a rug of some sort that is like outdoors- because they have a concrete floor since our apartment is in basement, and then getting some type of theme painted on floor to look like a dark muddy swamp with grassy areas and snakes painted along with alligators but I dont know how long the paint would hold up esp on floor that needs cleaned often, so I was thinkin about a roll out mat that those ideas could go onto and just roll it out when he wants to play the hunter/exterminator. Hes only 5 but has the biggest imagination, he can turn any toy or object into something needed in the swamp or on the job. Its great having such a blessing but I have no clue where to start, Im not the great artistic type to be doing something this elaborate. Any ideas and know of any places to shop for these types of things would be great!!!!!!! Reply to this but also copy answers to an email and send to [email protected], cuz I may not find the exact spots to look for answers. Thanks so much!!!!!



answers from Abilene on

WOW you've received some great ideas. The only other thing I can think of is looking in the souvenir store of a zoo to gather some stuffed or plastic alligators, birds and snakes!

Have fun! I'm sure your son will enjoy it when it is finished!

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