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Baby Shower Games

M.S. asks from Minneapolis

I'm hosting a baby shower soon. I've never hosted one before. Please share your favorite baby shower games! Thanks!


Best Baby Shower Games

M.N. asks from Chicago

Hello:) I will be hosting a baby shower and I would like ideas of fun baby shower games.....please help! Thank you!!!


Baby Shower Ideas!!

D.P. asks from Los Angeles

I'm planning a baby shower for a friend, any recommendations on centerpieces that are reasonable or that I can make myself? Any advice would be helpful.


Baby Shower for a Second Baby?

A.L. asks from Seattle

JUST CURIOUS to what others think about the topic. We are currently TTC our second child. We have a 17mo old little girl and I've saved all of her clothes and such ju...


Baby Shower Games

T.H. asks from Topeka

Give me your most fun & best baby shower games. Its been a while since I have been to a shower. I have googled and there are a ton of results but I wanted advice from...


Need Advice for Baby Shower Games

L.S. asks from St. Cloud

We are planning a baby shower for our daughter. This is our first grandchild and have never even attended a baby shower before so don't have a clue what to plan. Any ...


Time Line for Baby Shower

C.S. asks from Dallas

Hi, Thnks for your replies to my asking for suggestions for a restaurant to hold a shower. When is the appropriate time to hold a shower, as in how long before th...


Baby Shower for 3Rd Baby??

S.S. asks from Boston

Hi, My friend is having her 3rd son and she wants me to throw her a baby shower. We just had a shower 2 yrs ago and now she wants- expects a shower. She has nothing f...


Baby Shower Games

J.T. asks from Sarasota

Looking for a few new and fun ideas for baby shower games. It's been too long since I've been to a shower! Any suggestions are much appreciated!


Baby Shower Games

B.G. asks from San Francisco

Ok, what is your all time favorite baby shower game. I am giving a shower in about a month and would like to have some fun!!! Thanks...

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