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Updated on January 15, 2009
J.T. asks from Bradenton, FL
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Looking for a few new and fun ideas for baby shower games. It's been too long since I've been to a shower!
Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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answers from Tampa on

Some that we did at my showers were:
*If the mom to be has already picked a name, you can have everyone try and spell as many words as possible just using the letters in the name.
*Get a tray and fill it with baby items everyone gets a few seconds to look at it then they have to try and write down everything that was on the tray
*Get a baking pan and fill it with uncooked rice, then mix a bunch of safety pins in it, blindfold each person and see who can find the most. (It is a lot harder then it seems)
*Give everyone 3 clothespins when they arrive at the party, anytime someone says the word baby, the person who hears them gets to steal their clothespin, the one with the most wins.
*Bingo! Make up blank bingo cars with squares. Have everyone fill the squares in with items that they think the mom to be will receive at the shower and as she is opening her presents they mark off their squares until someone gets bingo!

Hope these help!

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answers from Tampa on

J.: When I had my daughter my girlfriends did an amazing "game" for everyone. They gave out random envelopes Numbered 1-21 to everyone at the party. Inside was a blank card. Each guest then wrote a note to my unborn child to be read at her birthday according to the year they received. The special guests, grandparents, aunts, etc., was given the choice of special days (first day of school, first date, first car, wedding, graduation, etc.) Some were mailed in advance to the special people who could not attend. All the envelopes were sealed and put in a special box. My family has truly enjoyed opening the special birthday card (three so far) each year. I am sure at some point we will get a card from "beyond" but this was one of the best "games" I have ever played at or participated in at a baby shower. P.S. after the shower my husband and I were given the "left over" cards to put our own special message!

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answers from Fort Myers on

i like the guess how big mommys belly is. You can get special ribbon at Wal-Mart or any party store, or you can just buy pink or blue ribbon. you pass the ribbon around to everyone at the shower and they have to guess how big mommys belly is. once everyone has cut their piece, you measure mommys belly. the one thats the closest wins. Really fun b/c some people are WAY off! Always good for a nice laugh! ( my mom guessed mine right on )



answers from Tampa on

I remember on game that everyone got a good laugh out of and it was where you put cotton balls into a bowl and get a big wooden spoon. You blind fold the person, they hold that bowl on their head and you put an empty bowl (same size) on her lap. She then has one minute to get as many cotton balls out of the bowl on her head into the one on her lap. We always had a lot of fun with this one. Just be prepared to laugh your heads off. We also did a name game to help if the new Mommy hasn't already chosen a name. Everyone writes down a name for a boy and a name for a girl when they come in the door and put their names in a basket. The new Mommy later during the party reads each name out loud. She picks out the best boys name and best girls name. The one that put the names in each win a door prize.
Another one we played was to put a safety pin on each guest as they come in the door and tell them they will lose their pin if they cross their legs. You also tell them if they catch someone else crossing their legs that they can take their pin. Usually someone will end up with all the pins. But this game has been around for years and is great fun.
We always made the gifts something the baby could use so that after the guest opens it they then give it to the new Mommy. The only gifts that weren't for the baby were the two door prizes.
You can also go online to and get a lot of neat ideas. At least I think the web site is still up and running.
Have fun relax....Also a diaper cake is a very nice thing for the Mommy to be and it's fun to make.



answers from Tampa on

Pin the baby on the stork



answers from Lakeland on

My favorite is the baby food game. Buy 8 jars of baby food, put a little dab of each on a numbered plate. Guests have a numbered list, and they taste each blob of food and write down what they think it is.

Evokes lots of gag reflexes and laughs, I can tell you (especially the wax beans). It's also a good time to let the new mom know that she can easily make her own baby food with a food processor or hand mixer and ice cube tray (for freezing baby-sized portions) instead of buying jarred stuff.

P.S. any leftover fruit baby food can be added to pancake mix so as not to throw it away.



answers from Miami on


Sure, all that ooh-ing and ahh-ing over baby clothes is a blast, but why not play a game or two to spark some fun and help shower guests get to know each other? Here are five of my favorite party games.

Great for: Breaking the ice
How to play: Each guest must introduce herself and then tell the group three things about herself -- two are true, one is a lie. Then the remaining guests must each guess which statement was false. When each guest has placed her bet, the "liar" must confess to her lie. The truths are often way wackier than the made-up lies -- which creates opportunities for story swapping (and is generally hilarious).
Party Pointer: Shy guests needn't freeze with indecision when it's their turn. Advise them to theme the three statements. For example, "My first car was a navy Saab, I've been in five car accidents, and I got my driver's license when I was 26." In certain circles, this good-natured game can take a sexy turn. If you think this won't be appropriate, be sure to lay down some ground rules beforehand.

Great for: Intimate showers, where guests know each other well
How to play: A guest starts thinking of one of the other guests and keeps her choice a secret. The other guests take turns guessing who's on her mind. The guessers must determine the answer through creative questions such as, "If she were a fabric, what kind of fabric would she be?" and "If she were a television show, what show would she be?" or "If she were a cocktail, what cocktail would she be?" The more imaginative the questions, the more intriguing the clues that help guests determine the identity of the mystery woman. If a guest thinks she can identify her, she may say so when it's her turn. If she's wrong, she's out of the game for that round. If she's right, it's her turn to choose a person and field questions.
Party Pointer: You'll need at least 10 guests to keep this game interesting -- otherwise it's way too obvious who the woman in question is.

Great for: Breaking the ice; artistic crowds; any showers where kids are in attendance
How to play: Pretend you're a camp counselor again, and plan a calm, laid-back arts-and-crafts project. Buy enough Play-Doh, paper, fingerpaint, or collage materials for all of your guests. Ask them to create mementos or visual messages that remind them of the parents-to-be or the experience of having a new baby.
Party Pointer: Don't plan anything too messy. Guests might grumble about marring their manicures or staining their clothes. Consider providing smocks.

Great for: Sentimental crowds
How to play: Tuck a pretty blank card into the shower invitations and include a note asking guests to inscribe the card with their advice for new parents. They should come to the shower prepared to read their card to the group. Their words of wisdom, encouragement, and well-wishing can be in the form of a recipe, a poem, a humorous anecdote, and so on. Encourage guests to be creative. After all the cards have been read, the hostess can compile them in a scrapbook for the mom and dad-to-be. This sweet activity goes especially well with dessert!
Party Pointer: This is a great activity for crowds who might be prone to pooh-pooh shower games. Want an alternative plan? Have a beautiful blank book on hand at the shower, and invite each guest to write messages in the pages. Have a helper keep tabs on who signs, so that no one's excluded.

Great for: Traditional crowds
How to play: Hand out pieces of gridded paper to guests, with the mom-to-be's first name written out across the top margin (example: LIZ). The left margin should list several categories (for example: flowers, baby toys, restaurants, household products, colors, baby names, etc.) Each guest must then come up with words that a) fit each category, and b) start with the letters forming the new mom's name, writing them in the corresponding grid square (example: lilac, iris, zinnia...). They should be allowed no more than five minutes to complete their grids. When time is called, each guest must read off what they wrote. If other guests have chosen the same words, the word gets disqualified. The goal is to acquire the greatest number of unique words. Award a prize to the winner.
Party Pointer: This game can be both challenging and nerve-wracking, but that's part of the fun. Also, debates over the validity of certain words inevitably will arise -- the hostess may have to moderate.



answers from Sarasota on

Dirty Diaper Game....

you will need a few different types of candy bars, reeses, cookies and cream, hersey with almonds, carmelo, etc. Melt the chocolate in the diaper (using the microwave) and have the guests guess what candy is what. It was a lot of laughing when we played this at the last baby shower. And whoever guess the most right wins.

Good Luck!



answers from Tampa on

I am in the middle of planning a shower as well and will be paying attention to your responses. I do know of a few, but it depends of the type of shower and the type of people. Here are some ideas:

1) put different types of candy bars (cut up a bit) in the microwave for several seconds and put each in a diaper and let people guess which kind it is.
2) Baby food smelling/tasting to guess which flavor
3) Get a pillow case and put all sorts of baby items in there (pacifier, bottle, ointment, burp cloth, etc.) and let everyone get 5 seconds to put their hand in and feel around and then write down everything they felt - this also works if you pin these items to someone and let them model them for a few seconds and the write down what they saw
4) For a couples party (which is what we are doing) to get the men involved - you can buy several bottles (either the cheep ones or the kind she has on her registry) and fill them up with beer (half way is plenty) - then have several guys race to see who can drink it the fastest. This is REALLY funny to watch!

I am still thinking of others that haven't been over done - like the one where every time you say "baby" someone can take your necklace or whatever you have been given.

Good luck!



answers from Tampa on

Depending on how many people come to the shower, and how much room you have, (outdoors is best)there was a hysterical game played on you tube that someone sent me to watch. It was a relay race.
They had teams and one woman had a toilet paper roll that she held between her legs, the woman on the other side had a broom stick. The teams raced to see which team could waddle down to the other teammate (with the broom stick between her legs) and insert it (NO HANDS ALLOWED!) into the toilet paper roll held between the legs of the teammate at the other side. It was really funny, and not as easy as one might think. It's not the standard game that you'd see at every shower, but probably not a game for the prim and proper mommies either! LOL



answers from Tampa on

Here are some that we have used recently:
1. Buy white bibs or onesies and have people decorate them at the shower. Fun for them, helpful to you!
2. Type up games on many words can you make from your future baby's name or your's and your husband's name or 2 girl's names, etc...match the celebrity baby's name with their parents...match the fictitious children's names with the show they are/were scattergories with baby items only...
3. Everyone gets a pin when they come in, and if they say the word baby during the party and are caught that person who catches them gets their pin. THe person with the most pins at the end wins.
4. Make up a bunch of questions and put onto notecards such as many lullabies as you can, name the characters of a kids' show, etc. Get into teams or do individually, and go around the room asking the questions. Whoever gets the most right wins.
5. Taste jars of unlabeled baby food and have to guess what flavors they are.
Hope these help!

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