Droid or Iphone

Updated on March 05, 2012
E.S. asks from Aurora, IL
25 answers

Droid or Iphone and whydo say..........? Thanks

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I have a Samsung Mesmerize and I love it. My friend has an Iphone. My screen is a lot larger than hers, I do not have the AT&T market so we don't have all the same apps but I have the ones I want like Angry Birds Rio, Words With Friends, Hanging With Friends, etc...the kids can manage the market and download all the free stuff they want. They enjoy so many games that I hardly see my phone.

So, my phone is way better than hers but I don't have so many pod-casts like she does. I don't have to hook my phone up to the computer with a cable to get upgrades and download new pod-casts and stuff.

If you like the phone and have AT&T you don't really have much choice. You get what they offer.

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answers from Washington DC on

I have an iphone and love it. It pushes email unlike the droids my friends have.
Love the aps and just how the phone works. You plug in to back up and stuff not get new things. Cloud has done away with a lot of that. I play flash and other neat things from youtube all the time on both my iphone and Imac. Apple plays nicer then windows.
I like the phone a lot and didn't really want one. It was a christmas 2010 gift from my parents and it was love after the first day.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I have an iPhone, hubby has the Droid (LG Revolution).

He has already had to have his replaced for poor battery life and freezing. Depending on my usage, I can get almost two days w/out charging.

No complaints with mine! If you use Macs, you'll already be accustomed to the interface (almost exactly like the iPad) so the orientation time will be minimal and you can get right to the fun!

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answers from Chicago on

Not to confuse you more...I vote Android
Fair warning... I'm a computer nerd
Some issues related to battery life are going to be dependent on the brand of phone. Same thing goes for speed. I have an htc evo 3d and I've owned a Samsung (go with htc over Samsung)

Why i like my Droid
You get flash for free (Apple makes you pay for it)
Android is open source which means there will always be more apps available since just about anyone can program apps.
You can root your phone and customize it (definitely research this if you are interested in doing it). Check out xda-developers.com
Swype - I'm using Swype on my Android tablet to type this. I have Swype on my phone and I don't need a physical keyboard.
You can get alternatives to Sury for Android
I can use my phone and tether it to my tablet to provide on the go internet.
Google/gmail is integrated. I can access my gmail from my phone, tablet and gmail.com and all you have to do his refresh.
iPhone requires you to sync through i tunes. No syncing through your computer with Android. wifi file explorer which allows me to transfer files to my PC wirelessly.
Amazon app store - you can get a free app everyday.

If you are having a hard time deciding, go to Sprint.com and find a corporate store. They will let you play with both types of phones and you can make calls, send texts to see how it works.

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answers from Sacramento on

I love my Android! I have an HTC Evo, and its awesome! I really like the Android market :))

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answers from St. Louis on

Droid, the only people I know that love their iPhones still own them and can't afford a new one. :p Just kidding my brother loves his new iPhone but I really think he loves Sury.

Oh I have a droid, this is actually my second one. The first I bought four years ago when they first came out and the second I got after Christmas. I wouldn't own an iPhone unless they were free and even then I am not sure.

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answers from Augusta on

I have A droid RAZR I love it. I had the first Droid. I don't like Apple. I don't like how Apple does not play nice with other programs or brands.
You won't find flash on anything Apple. Apple does not play nice with Adobe. Apple only plays nice with Apple.
I have a friend with an iphone and an ipad she always complains about her phone and the ipad.

love ,love love my RAZR, kevlar backed, gorilla glass front made for me, I am so hard on phones! The same friend I was talking about dropped her iphone ONCE and the entire glass spider webbed. Had to take it to the Apple store to get it fixed.
RAZR is pretty intuitive it's not really hard to figure out.
Um Droid phones have expandable memory , iphones do not.

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answers from Detroit on

Droid I love the Market there are so many more free apps to download and you can expand the memory (at least in mine you can) without replacing it to get more memory. I debated for about a year as to if I should get a iPhone or a Droid phone. I really love my Droid it is Samsung Stratosphere. I guess it just depends on your wallet :) I also love the fact you don't have to use Itunes, I can get books for free on my phone, I have a ton of games, I skype with my kids and grandkids, and the screen is so much bigger than an iPod and the list goes on and on. It is just up to each person I really, really wanted an iPhone but they cost a lot more even with my free every 2 year plan from Verizon they were way more than I want to spend.

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answers from Minneapolis on

iPhone 4S!!! I absolutely love it - my kids love to have conversations with Siri...lol.

I had a Blackberry for years and went with iPhone because of how easily I can sync it with my work calendar. I choose the 4S over the 4 because of the better camera. Siri is fun to play with too



answers from Dallas on

Depends on your needs. I have an iphone because I mainly useit for music. My music, music that I own. For me it is totally worth the price, of course I am cheap to so I only have older version and I so need more space. When I do upgrade it will be another iphone.



answers from Chicago on

I don't have either BUT I love love love U.S. Cellular and have been with them for 15 years. Personally I just need a phone that I can make a call on and receive calls but I can see why people love phones, they can do amazing things.

I can't stand AT&T, so I would say stay away from them, but I hear that Verizon is much better. Some of my friends have AT&T and their calls always drop or there is a terrible connection.



answers from Chicago on

I LOVE my iphone 4s. I'm with AT&T.

I had an android (cliq with T-mobile if it matters). the ONLY thing I liked about it was it had less 'restrictions' with using it as an ipod because it basically opened as a folder on my computer and I could then just slide music files right over.
With my iphone I have to sync it and it's a bit more of a hassle.

But the functionality and what it's capable of doing is MUCH better.

There are MUCH better apps for iphone vs droid.

The browser speed is lightening compared to the "4g" promised by tmobile for my android.

And...... it's just plain sexier... :-)


answers from Washington DC on

LOVE my iPhone 4S. Hubby has the regular iPhone 4 and he loves that.

My mom and sister have droids and hate them.

We are with Verizon - if that makes a difference.


answers from Chicago on

Our family had nothing but problems with our various droids. We all now have iPhones and not one problem more than 8 months later. I don't get why people say there are more apps for the droid. There are thousands for the iPhone too. And they actually work! Love our iPhones!


answers from Dallas on

I can't speak for Droid.

We've had IPhones since they came out and upgraded with each one along the way. We all 3 have the 4gs now. As we've upgraded, we've sold the others on craigslist or so for about $100 each.

It's like having my office with me! I don't carry my laptop with me on short trips, etc anymore.

Daughter is on plan with me with all unlimited data, texts, etc and I pay a little over $200/month. Hubby is on a higher minutes plan with unlimited everything and his bill is about $135 a month.

I do suggest the AppleCare warranty... we've used that twice with daughter and once with myself and received new phones at no cost and/or at the discounted rate of $200.



answers from Anchorage on

We have iPhones. Never had a droid. My husband has used a friends droid before and says it's not a user friendly. We are very happy with our iPhones and waiting to upgrade soon. Only thing I don't really like is AT&T and hoping to switch to verizon.


answers from Los Angeles on

My husband has both (for work, he programs Apps) and he likes the Droid better but I like the iphone better so go figure?

~I am also a Mac lover though...that's probably a big thing to consider?!



answers from Cincinnati on

Absolutely the iPhone.

I had an iPhone 4 with Verizon and I loved it. It is so user friendly and I loved iTunes. We switched carriers right after Christmas-BIG mistake! The new carrier doesn't have iPhones, so I got a Droid and I can't stand it. The stupid phone, HTC Sensation, will randomly turn off and randomly call people without my permission. There are a whole list of reasons why I hate the Droid.........lets just say that I can't wait to switch back to Verizon or another carrier that has iPhones. It will be worth paying more each month to get rid of the dumb Droid. The ONLY, only thing that is better with the Droid than the iPhone is that the internet is minimally faster.



answers from Washington DC on

I think it depends on how much you use your phone and what you plan to do with it. i had a droid and loved it, Im not one for all the Itunes and all that stuff, and my husband bought me an i phone this past December when my droid got wet, there are some perks but i feel like i dont even really need them i just need the phone to ring so i can anwer it, check my FB every once in a while and be able to google, though i must admit the Iphone is much faster at google and and just doing things in general



answers from New York on

My husband and I both have a DROID...we both love them! Don't know much about iphones



answers from Chicago on

I-phone, there is telephone support with a real person. If your lucky enough to live in a major metro area then there is an Apple store you can go to.



answers from Honolulu on

Hands down.



answers from Detroit on

My husband had a Droid and loved it. Then he got an iPhone when he changed jobs and likes it so much better than the Droid. I've only had an iPhone - never had a Droid - and love it. It is annoying to not be able to see flash video but there's an app for that I haven't bothered to get.

In response to Jennifer's answer:

iPhone's have allowed tethering for awhile now, you just have to make sure you have the right data plan. This is true for both Verizon and AT&T.

I can also access my gmail account on my phone, and my yahoo account, and others I can't name without looking right now. All you have to do is take a couple of minutes to set it up. I can have my inbox show both accounts at the same time or I can look at them separately.

You don't have to sync solely through iTunes. You can also use the cloud service but since I'm cheap, I don't want to pay for the extra storage I would need to keep my music, videos, and photos synced. I do use it do keep my calendars, notes, reminder list, etc. synced and current between my phone, iPad, and Mac.


I don't have Siri - don't have a 4S - but my husband does and it doesn't seem to work too well for him. But FaceTime is so cool! It's video chat between apple products over wifi. So if I have a wifi connection, my kids can use my phone, iPad, or Mac to video chat with my husband on his phone (over wifi) when he's traveling. If the device doesn't have a phone number, you call using their e-mail address.


answers from San Francisco on

My DH has an iPhone 3, and has for several years (he's holding out for the iPhone 5 this summer, he says! lol). I was a die-hard Blackberry girl until a year and a half ago, when I got an iPhone 4. Let's just say, my only regret was waiting so long to make the switch. LOOOOVE my iPhone! I'm thinking about getting iPhone 5 when it comes out so I can have Siri (because let's face it, Siri is pretty freakin' awesome). Because my iPhone doesn't have Siri (you have to have an iPhone 4S), I tried the Droid version of that app (Voice Actions) - sorry, but it sucks.

Just get the iPhone. It's the industry standard - the one all the other phones are trying to be.



answers from Memphis on

I loved my droid and then it got to where I could even make a call sometimes and would force close. I got a replacement and it was worse. So, I bought an iphone4! There are things I definitely miss on the droid but having the phone work was more important to me. I also like my Itunes on my phone!

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