Blackberry, Palm Pre, Droid Luv Em or Hate Em?

Updated on February 27, 2010
M.S. asks from Cardington, OH
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I will be getting a new phone within the next 4-6 months. It is mind-boggling, trying to think of what will be a good fit for me. I talk and text, but not excessively (mostly because I am in my vehicle so much!). I like to take pictures on my phone, but only to share phone-to-phone. I have never retrieved them off the phone to computer. My husband has a blackberry for work and I am not all that impressed with it He's had both the Storm and Curve. It is very possible I would just need to get used to it. What about the Palm Pre or Pixie? Droid? Maybe I'll just wait until the iphone is available with Verizon - that, I know I'd like!!
So, any of you with these phones, I'd love your feedback. Let me know what you love about them or wish you had a different one and why.
Thank you!!

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answers from Indianapolis on

I'm on Verizon and refuse to switch, even though I really wanted an iPhone. So I waited and waited and finally the Droid came out. I LOVE IT!!! There are so many apps (and I haven't paid for 1 yet), it's easy to use, the web is great, the camera is nice and it has a flash. There is even an app that will send a 25 word text for you if you are driving, just say what you want and you never have to look away from the road. I have had mine for about 3 months now and still haven't found anything I don't like and no technical problems yet. Good luck!

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answers from Indianapolis on

Hiya. I know the dilemma you're in because I went through it myself.
I had to chime in about this one. My husband also has a Blackberry and I am not all that impressed with it. I need to have the full keyboard but wanted the option of an onscreen keyboard. I use pretty much all the features. I decided I wanted to get a Droid but didn't want to pay the kind of prices Verizon wanted, so I chose a phone that is very similar to the Droid called a Motorola Click since we are using Tmobile. (It's very similar, both use the Android operating system)
And I LOVE it! One of the many things I really like is that I can go on the Android market and get applications to do just about anything I want to do and most of them are free :D (I love free stuff!) Unlike other phones I Have had that made you pay for every darn thing you ever wanted that was extra.
The other day I downloaded an app for a grocery shopping list.
I also can set it to connect to our house Wi-fi so it will go really fast on the web. Major plus! has a great camera and camcorder for live video, but the only downside to that is there is no flash, so the light has to be good or forget it, and the touch screen can be rather touchy. I hear a screen protector would help with that.
Pretty much only complaints so far.
Good luck deciding, hope this helped. :)



answers from Columbus on

Definitely love my Palm Pre! As another Mom said, it has tons of applications, a very clear screen, takes nice pics, and the internet/ tv options are awesome. Before I got my Pre I didn't do much other than some occasional texting & calling, but now I use it for my grocery lists, keeping track of our families schedules, etc. I like the way you can sync's your FB and email to your contacts, etc. It also seems to be a pretty durable and easy to navigate. I have a five yr old and a two, almost three, yr old who both get a hold of my phone and call their grandparents on a regular basis.



answers from Jackson on

iI have the Palm Pre from Sprint. I love it! If you don't want Sprint, I believe that the Verizon model is supposed to be better. Mine has so many applications! I can even run my netbook on the internet with wifi from my Palm Pre.



answers from Indianapolis on

I have a BlackBerry for work. I only use it for work and find many of the applications are not too impressive. I can't access my e-mail because they don't have an app.

My husband has a Droid - he loves it, but he's active in Social Media now. It is expensive and heavy. The apps are good and the operating system is amazing.

If you're not going to use the media package (internet, apps, etc), I'd not recommend one of these phones.

My personal cell phone is an LG Chocolate. I may be the only person who still has a flip phone, but it does what I need (internet is an option if you want to pay for it) - but, I don't need anything more for my personal life.



answers from New York on

I love my blackberry aka Crackberry, as we are all addicted to them. It does everything I need. I e-mail alot as well as txt. My hubby has iphone and wanted me to get one when I upgraded to blkberry, but the touchscreen isn't for those that type a lot. My GF has the droid, luvs it but also the touchscreen doesn't move as quick when she is sorting thru pictures and stuff. HAve you gone to the store yet and played with them? Go a few times and try a couple of diff Verizon stores. Most of the sales help are really knowledgable and could guide you according to your needs.



answers from Cincinnati on

Recently obtained a HTC Droid Eris. (My family has been a staunch Verizon subscriber for years.) It is one of the nicest cellphones I have ever had! Do not know much about iPhone, but have been told the Eris is very similar. The only part I am having trouble adjusting to is the on-screen keyboard. I am accustomed to the keyboard on a Centro and am a bit frustrated at times. I have downloaded several applications to it, all for free! My husband has the Droid, my younger son has a Palm Pre. Both guys really like their phones, especially my husband. He is quite the electronics geek and was originally going to wait for the Verizon iPhone also, but decided to take the plunge. Haven't heard anything about being sorry he got the Droid. Go to a Verizon store and play with the various phones, let the salesperson give the full spiel and then decide. If you take photos with your phone you may want to consider the Droid, it has flash for taking pictures.



answers from Sacramento on

Do you have to have Verizon? If not, the iPhone is the way to go. My husband is a computer consultant and has used tons of different phones over the years. He says his iPhone is the most stable one he's ever used and recommends it to his clients. He travels around constantly and has had no issues with AT&T. Now I have one and it's great! Extremely easy to use. I even figured out on my own how to use it to video record our son in a school play. I was one who hated cell phones before this and rarely used the ones I had ... the iPhone is so fun and easy that I use it all the time.


answers from Columbus on

My husband and I just traded up our phones with Verizon too. We were going to both get a Blackberry since they had a good deal on them, but did you know that with the Blackberry and some of the other newer models you have to sign up for the $30/month data plan - per phone? We just couldn't justify paying an extra $720 a year when we could just get online at home! So instead my husband got the EnV3 with a $10/month data plan and I got a Samsung Intensity. They both take good quality photos and are easy to text.

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