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Updated on January 30, 2013
T.P. asks from Elgin, IL
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I need a new cell phone, have a htc evo now, like it but always wanted an i phone. I really do like the android though except size of the phone. Deciding between samsung galaxy III vs i phone 4 or 5. I use many different apps for work & personal use, like music to be on there so don't need an ipod when I go to the gym. Any thoughts? I've never owned an apple product before. I hear apple products are easy to use. I know that the android is pretty easy.

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answers from Phoenix on

After running into compatibility issues with websites on my iPad, I decided to stick with Android. I went from the EVO to the EVO 4G LTE and LOVE it. Same quality camera, Beats Audio, a bit larger screen, same ease of use, but great upgrades. Thought about the Samsung, but decided to stick with what I liked.

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answers from Washington DC on


iPhones have their benefits and drawbacks. I would talk to your wireless provider to see which phone will best meet your needs.

I have a Droid. Can't complain. My sister has an iPhone. No complaints. The iPhone 4 is "old" technology and the 5 is "new"...the Galaxy III is a big phone.

Go into the store and start messing with them. Go to and check out what they are rating them there.

Handle them....try sending texts, taking pictures and sending e-mails...

I decided to go with the Droid after playing around with both.


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answers from Kansas City on

I just bought a new phone this weekend. I had an EVO as well and went with the iPhone 5. I'm still getting used to the iPhone and I do like it, but there are parts of the EVO I liked better. Not major stuff, just mostly dumb girly stuff. The new EVOs are much smaller and thinner, not unlike the iPhone. I did look at them.

I would play with them in the store and see what you like. We do like Apple products, have an iPad, iPod and iMac so that is a big reason I went with the iPhone, so it can be compatible with everything we already have.

The thing about Apple is they are extremely easy to use. There is a bit of a learning curve, for sure, but the technology is more common sense than most out there...meaning that the way you access and use the apps make more sense logically. Plus, I've only had my phone for a few days but I gotta tell you...I love Suri! She is so helpful!

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answers from Fargo on

I have a Motorola Razr HD (Android), that I purchased right before Christmas. I LOVE it. I'm so glad I opted out of getting the iPhone 5, as so many of my friends are having trouble with theirs.
I love my iPad, though, so I am not averse to Apple products. :)

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answers from Dallas on

I just got a Samsung Galaxy II in late December and LOVE it. The reason I didn't go with the IIIis because I didn't need the feature where you "tap" two phones together to share pics and I didn't care to have the "Siri type of thing" either. Otherwise they are virtually the same and the II was a hundred dollars cheaper. It has been the perfect phone for the month I have had it. I love the size, it is bigger than my husband's iphone 4. We compared feature for feature against each other and there's not a lot of difference. Enjoy which ever you choose, just wanted to share that the Galaxy has been really great for me!

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answers from Milwaukee on

I think you would love either. iPhones do have some proprietary issues. I have had iphones and I love mine but I am sure I would love a Galaxy once I got used to it.



answers from Pittsburgh on

You probably can get a 4 for free--same as 4S but no Siri, which is no big deal!



answers from Augusta on

Do NOT get pulled in by Apple
There's a couple of turn offs for me with Apple.
1) they don't play nice with other products.
2) they think WAY too much of themselves
3) not expandable memory. How ever much space is on it is how much you get.
The big one for me is the not beign able to add any memory to it.
The Samsung line up all have MicroSD card slots which means you can add an additional 64GB of memory to your phone. i anything don't have expandable memory. That's not useful to me.



answers from Philadelphia on

Love, love, love Apple products!!! My husband is a technology guy and would not have anything but Apple products.


answers from Dallas on

We are an IPhone family. I have 4, hubby has 4S and daughter has 5.

NO complaints with any of the products, no issues with software, etc. No glitches with chargers, etc. The 5 does have a slightly different connector and that was an easy fix. Daughter still uses all of the same electronics she used with the IPhone 4.

I pay roughly $220/month for our service for our 3 phones, unlimited internet and unlimited texting. We have a 1400 minute plan and we have rollover minutes monthly. We text a LOT.

I love my IPhone because when I head out of town, I do not have to take my laptop with me. I can do everything I need for my job (with exception of Quickbooks and financial processing) with my phone. I would not be running QB if I were on the road and I prefer to keep that at home anyway.

It is a personal choice. We've had IPhones since they first came out and love them.



answers from Chicago on

I'm not good with technology but found the iphone easy to use.

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