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Updated on June 07, 2011
P.S. asks from Houston, TX
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Hi. I am in the market for a new cell phone. I still have a very simple flip phone but am considering an iPhone, Blackberry, HTC etc. Can you tell me what type of mobile device you use and what you like about it and don't like about it? Also, if you'd rather have another phone, please tell me what you'd rather have and why. Also, if anyone would be willing to disclose how much their monthly bill is for their service, it would be helpful but I fully understand why you would not want to give that information. Thanks a bunch.

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answers from Killeen on

I have a G2 with tmobile and I love everything about it! Its like the iphone, but way better lol I get all my apps for free and the phone comes with all the google apps already on it. I don't have any complaints whatsoever =) My husband and I have a family plan, we pay $99/mo for unlimited calling plus $20/mo unlimited texting and $30/mo each for unlimited web browsing.

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answers from Houston on

I live in the houston area as well... I have an htc evo. I love it! It has a ton of free apps. Unlimited mobile web and unlimited cell to cell calls. Its fast and has so many options that I will never be able to use them's like a mini laptop. My bill runs about 200 a month but it's for three phones.

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answers from Boston on

My son has an iPhone and loves it - he's very tech-y and does a lot of stuff on the phone. It's fast and has all kinds of apps on it. He gets traffic info, maps, surfs the web, everything. The large screen is good.

I have a Blackberry and I like it - using it to go on line is kind of slow, but its smaller screen is okay because I don't do a lot of that. I need to do 3 way calls and check email when I'm away from my computer, and it's good for that. I think when I upgrade I will consider a droid - like an iPhone - bigger screen and with a slide out keyboard so texting is easier (bigger keyboard, larger screen). The touch screen takes some getting used to. You also have to make sure, on iPhones, droids and Blackberries, that the screen doesn't get all scratched.

You need to evaluate what you will use your phone for. I use it for business and need more bells/whistles, but I don't have the patience my son has to learn everything. My husband uses a simple flip phone but he never texts and hardly knows how to answer it, so it's just for emergencies.

Our phone bill is wrapped into our overall phone bill (husband has in-home office), our internet and our FIOS TV. So evaluate all of those things to see if a package makes sense or if it's just a bundle of services you don't need.



answers from Washington DC on

I got an iphone recently and love it. My SIL told me I would never be able to figure out a smart phone because I wasn't tech savvy, but I figured it out in minutes. It was extremely entertaining on our long drive to and from Florida. I love having internet at my fingertips and being able to check my email during the day whenever. Love having my Itunes with me, and the times I have gotten lost driving I could google map directions in a snap. What I don't like is the touch keypad although I am getting used to it, the auto correct function is a pain, and it can be tricky at times to get the size of the screen to a readable size. But I have to say it is worth it.


answers from St. Louis on

I have an HTC and my son has a new HTC which blows mine away. Funny thing I have found with iPhones is they are like we are Apple people will buy our stuff no matter how effed up it is. My brother went from iPhone to HTC after seeing my phone. My son was looking at an iPhone and went with HTC since it can be its own mobile hot spot so he doesn't need internet at his house. Darn cheap skate.

I love my phone, I have yet to find an app I need that isn't free. Just a great phone.


answers from Dallas on

My family of 3 all carry IPhones.

I just got the 4 and I upgraded from the original.

Daughter has the 3gs (anxiously awaiting the 5) and hubby has the 3.

No complaints. I do LOVE the 4 vs the original. It does a lot more and it is faster. I have the 16G one.

I recommend you get the AppleCare package $70 for 2 yrs if you go IPHone. It came in handy 3 times with daughter... last time she got a new phone free. Other times we only had to spend $199 to replace the phone.

Daughter is on my plan with me and we have unlimited texting, etc, data plans, low minutes, we text mostly and the bill is about $190/month. We are both heavy texters.

Hubby has his own plan with higher minutes and same data/text package and his is around $170/month

No complaints with ATT... we don't have many dropped calls at all, i don't take my laptop when we go on a trip because I have access with my phone. LOve it



answers from Denver on

My hubby and I both have iPhones and LOVE them. I've had an iPhone since they first came out and the 4 is by far the best one yet. I love how it does everything-- my calendar links with, which is what my playgroup uses, I do most of my emails on my phone, it takes great pics and its so handy to have the video right there in my hand when the kids do something cute. I can read books on it with my Nook app, the games keep my kids occupied in lines or at the doctor. I have my iPod that links up with my car's bluetooth. The only thing that is on the downside is that it is expensive to replace, especially if you don't get Applecare. But I have a case on mine and it keeps it safe. For two iPhones with unlimited texting (because we text like crazy) and unlimited data and 1100 mins, plus the roadside assistance AT&T offers we pay almost $200/month for our phones. Yikes, I know, and we've talked about cutting it down, but we use our phones SO much for EVERYTHING that we justify the expense. I vote iPhone, but I haven't known anything else in four years. I don't think I could even contemplate getting something new. Good luck!!



answers from Chicago on

I love, love, love my IPhone 4 for all of the reasons already listed! But the one that hasn't been mentioned: there are AWESOME apps suitable for kids (Super Why, Disney Fairies, puzzles, etc.) This has been a lifesaver when I have been in unplanned, awkward situations -- like last week when the Pediatrician was running ONE HOUR behind schedule (!!!) After exhausting all the books, magazines and coloring materials in the waiting room, I gave her the phone and let her play! We're not a videogaming family, but my phone has definitely saved the day in a couple of instances! :)



answers from Odessa on

I have an iPhone 4. I like it alright. It's very sensitive and I find that sometimes the slightest touch will mute a call or something like that. I do enjoy the many applications that it offers, however it comes with a price. My phone bill escalated way above what I had with my initial cell phone plan that I acquired in the dark ages. I like having one thing as opposed to many things that I use frequently. I have the iPod, camera, a note pad, a device to check things online, phone all rolled into one. My aim was to declutter my life and lighten the load of my purse. I have found other things that make the purse just as heavy, but I do enjoy the phone.



answers from Minneapolis on

I have a Blackberry and I hate it. In the year and a half that I have had it I have had to have it replaced 5 times and this newest one doesn't fully work either. I have an upgrade on my account so I am going to get a new phone in the next week or so, I'm looking at getting an Android, I would get an iPhone but texting on a touch screen doesn't work for me.



answers from Austin on

I use Net10 service. They have EXCELLENT coverage (same coverage or better than Verizon) plus they have a variety of phones to use, including Blackberry, touch screen, sliders, & even smart phone or iphone type phones (look at Straight talk for the best phone choices, they're the same company). If you're looking for a good 'camera' phone, get the phones w/the largest pixels. I have the Razr type phone, the W375g & it takes HORRIBLE photos when you try to download them (mine, I hafta email it to myself) they're only like 1" squares & cannot make out the picture at all so if it's photos & features you want, that's not the right phone, go with 1.3 megapixels or higher for a good phone camera, trust me but if photos are not important, I like that phone, as well as the V171 they're basic & simple to use & I can switch from pay as you go to unlimited. If it's features you want, they have phones for that too! Just be aware that some phones they have are 'unlimited plans only' so just pay attention to that if you plan to wanna switch from pay as you go to unlimited or back to pay as you go. Their unlimted plans are $50 while Straight Talk (same company) is $45 BUT w/Straight Talk, you hafta pay attention to which phone you get, although they have, IMO, better choices of phones, some phones go w/the AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile coverage which doesn't have good coverage area normally and others are on the Verizon coverage like Net10 which normally has excellent coverage but we've been w/Net10 since 2005-2006 & have had no problems whatsoever w/coverage or 'dropped calls' so far, except in our apartment, sometimes we hafta move from one side of the room to the other to avoid dropped calls but I think that's b/c we're sitting under a bunch of trees, otherwise never a dropped call so far. It's also very freeing to not hafta worry about a monthly bill every month, being afraid I won't be able to pay & the phone gets cut off or having to pay a rediculous amount for a 'deposit' for less than perfect credit...w/pay as you go, there's no contract, no 'deposit' needed, the minutes roll over & build up if you don't use them all the time & are 'good' for however long the card says. Just be sure to pay attention to the due date b/c the phone will cancel if you don't add minutes by the due date shown on the phone, even if you still have minutes. If you run out of minutes, the phone also will cancel & either way, once it 'cancels', you hafta go thru the whole turning the service back on process again. Sometimes the phones are cheaper on walmart's website ordering online or you can most of the time get coupon discounts for the phones too. Another thing to compare Net10 -vs- Straight Talk, some of their phones are the same phones but different prices & different coverage prices for unlimited so if you decide to ck into either company, just double check that you're getting the best deal for what you want & look online for reviews of any phone/service you decide to check into. Hope this helps, good luck!



answers from El Paso on

I loved my simple flip-phone... That being said, I've had a blackberry and HATED it. Hated it, I tell you. I actually considered running over it with my car when I got a new phone. It was the biggest hunk of junk in the world! And it wasn't that I got a lemon; my husband's was replaced twice, my brother's twice, my mother's once, mine twice. Don't do it. My husband still has one for work and he still hates it. Anyway. =) My brother in law has the HTC. The battery runs down in a matter of just a few hours. I dont mean 5 or 6 I mean 2 or 3. He's a police officer and carries it in his breast pocket because they are not provided with a dept. phone (great job EPPD). He jokes that it's so big and heavy that one day it'll stop a bullet. I think he's right. I wouldn't get that either. Now, for the recommendation. When we got new phones (husband, mom & dad, brother, i.e. whole family) we got iPhones. I love it. I love it. I love it. It doesn't give me any trouble, battery life is more than decent, it fits in any place I want it to and if you've never worked with mac stuff, it's still pretty easy to pick up the ins and outs really quickly. I don't facebook or anything like that, but if you did, this would be the right phone for that: my computer broke and it was a few weeks before I could get a new one; I hardly noticed because I just used my iPhone. I hated texting on my blackberry because it was a "TOUCH" screen, yeah right. Texting has NEVER been easier on the iPhone. I wanted a phone with a flip out keyboard because I was wary of the touch screen, but this works insanely well. So that's my reccommendation. If you DO go iPhone, my only other advice is to purchase a screen protecter (like $15) because that's saved my husbands phone countless times. He's dropped it a lot, and does not have it in a case and it's still in tip top shape.

Good luck!



answers from Toledo on

I just got the iPhone 3GS yesterday. It's awesome!!!!!! Before that I had a Motorola and I hated it. I went through 6 phones in 18 months because none of them worked properly. I've heard really good things about the new HTC phone too. The best thing to do is to go to the store and play with them. The guy at the AT&T store let me mess around with his HTC. Ultimately I decided on the iPhone because it was only $49.99. Definitely get a really good cover for whichever you decide on.



answers from Austin on

I have a lBackberry. What I like, it's really easy to type on (for texting or emailing). It takes some getting used to (works kind of like a PC, for lack of a better description). What I don't like, it is horrible for looking things up on the internet. For this reason, I will be getting an iPhone or Android next. I have the need to look things up, while I'm out and about, pretty often. I pay about $60/mo for a data plan (although, I locked in at this rate years ago). I think it's about $70 now. My Blackberry is 2 yrs old now so I'm sure all of the new phones are even better. Lastly, it takes pretty good pictures and video and has a flash! Although, a lot of the Androids have that now too, I think. It's a bonus. We are with Sprint. Been happy; rarely drop calls.


answers from Las Vegas on

I just have a boost phone. I use it for texting and calling and its $50 for unlimited everything and I had reception up at zions national park in a rarely ever have service area so I'm good with that. I watched a show about how people can hack into smart phones and it kinda creeped me out for a while lol. I'll get over it though because I want a droid at some point. Right now boost is cheap and they have expanded their service map. But I also have an Ipod which makes up the difference because I do LOVE those nick jr podcasts and kid friendly apps... my daughter loves my little piano and my guitar apps. She also loves pocket frogs.


answers from San Francisco on

My husband has an iPhone 3 and I have an iPhone 4. We love them! The only thing I would change is that next time I'd get the iPhone from Verizon instead of AT&T, because Verizon has better coverage where we live. But as for the phone itself - love it. Like all Apple products, it does exactly what it's supposed to, is easy to use and figure out... I can't really think of anything I need that it doesn't do for me. I've been using it since November. Before that I had a Blackberry for 10 years. I can't believe I waited this long to switch - iPhone blows the Blackberry away.

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