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Looking for Parenting Classes

M.B. asks from Phoenix

I am looking for parenting classes for me and my husband. We have a 9 year old and we need ideas to help us communicate better. any suggestions would be great. t...


What's a Title of a Good Parenting Book?

V.G. asks from Dallas

I need some help I will like to read a very good parenting book does anyone have some suggestions. Or can anyone tell me a title of a very good book every parent shou...


Attachement Style Parenting

N.S. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms, I just read many of you talk about attachment style parenting. Can you please tell me how it works? Is it too late to start with a 9 months old? Thank...


Best Parenting Tip?

A.S. asks from Bellingham

Hi All, Of all the advice you've received, experiences you had and moments you've weathered, what is your best parenting tip? What made your life easier, solved ...


Natural Parenting Stores

C.B. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of stores in the DFW area that specialize in more natural parenting products? Things like cloth diapers, slings, organic stuff, toys that don't requi...


Parenting a Pregnant Teen

E.P. asks from Philadelphia

I have an adopted 17 year old who is due to have a baby in Feb. She plans on parenting. She came to us with an attachment disorder that has been very challenging. We ...


Anyone Follow Attachment Parenting?

K.H. asks from Philadelphia

We practice Attachment Parenting with our 1 year old daughter, and although we are still big supporters of it, there are some situations that seem to conflict with it...


Any Good Book on Parenting ?

B.B. asks from Atlanta

Hi Ladies, I want to read some book on parenting....My daughter is 2 and half yrs old....she is no more baby ...she is turning into a smart kid...i wanna read abou...


Separating from Husband. Any Parenting Advice?

T.A. asks from Seattle

Hi everyone My husband and I need to separate. We have a two year old son. Any co parenting advice out there for parents who don't live together? Please, I don't ne...

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