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Baby with a Hoarse Throat

Remember, your baby hasn't read all the books. ... Stopped at my parents' to all go together and my 1yo found my brother's high blood pressure meds and ate ...

Favorite Pregnancy or Parenting Magazines???

The magazines I read are American Baby(which you can pick up FREE at Babies R Us ) and Parents which I really like cause they write article about what should ...

Babywise Parent-Directed Feeding

I guess I did the Attachment-Parenting with Kate and I found it too baby- centered and my needs were ignored and I was tired and irritated all of the time . ...

Help with Child 6 Month Old I Watch

Every parenting magazine, American Baby, Parents....All say that 6 mos old is the time when babies start to get clingy like that, they all reccommend that ...

Anyone Else's Baby Taking Short Naps?!

I agree with the post that reminds us that nap times vary from baby to baby and from age to age. .... parenting babies · Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Baby ...

Anyone Familiar with Gentle or Attachment Parenting?

I'm still pregnant, but I want to be on the same page as my husband once the baby is here- we are researching different parenting methods to find a nice ...

Attachment Parenting Advice

First of all, if you're baby is only 3 weeks old, PLEASE don't worry about scrubbing .... I'm not at all disagreeing with your choice of parenting styles, ...

4 1/2 Month Old with Extreme Fussiness and Excessive Night Wakings

... (past or present) and some possible ideas about the cause. I have a beautiful baby boy who is 4..." ... 4 month baby fussy · parenting beautiful baby ...

Any Suggesstions for Good Books on Parenting?

You can also check out the Baby Wise series. Dr. Phil is pretty good, too! ... My pediatrician recommended Parenting from the inside out and I have just ...

2 Year Old Sleep Issue

Look into attachment parenting I think you will find gentle parenting .... her when she yells Youre on the right track with the baby gate Keep the baby gate ...
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