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Parenting and Custody

T.M. asks from Lansing

Parenting with a mental disorder. If you wouldn't mind letting me tell you my story. This is in the desperate hope that you or someone out there will see this and dir...


Parenting Quotes

R.. asks from Austin

Ok... I realize that I am "stooping to their level" but I am getting sick of snide remarks from my cousins about me... Every day on facebook they will post statements...



L.T. asks from Los Angeles

Hi I'm giving a talk, for moms club, comparing a stay at home mom vs. work full time or part time and how that effects parenting and how the kids will turn out. Any ...



K.K. asks from Los Angeles

Some parents think that instead of saying straight no to your kids , try to use tricks or other ways to make kids do what you want them to do. For example, if kids w...


Good Parenting Book

C.H. asks from Providence

Hi- I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good parenting book? I am looking for one that covers the topics of middle child, temper tantrums, terriable twos turning...


What Is Your Favorite Parenting Book?

L.D. asks from Dallas

Hello! Just for fun, what is your favorite parenting book for toddlers? Give the title, author, and tell what you like about it. I look forward to everyone's responses.


Favorite Pregnancy or Parenting Magazines???

S.H. asks from Dallas

I'm wondering what some of your favorite magazines for pregnancy and/or parenting (babies) are? What about web sites? What did you particularly enjoy reading or find ...


Good Book About Parenting

A.D. asks from Dallas

One of my friend is pregnant of her first child. I would like to offer her a good parenting book. I am thinking about some kind of "bible" which focus on the baby's f...


A Good Parenting Magazine

L.S. asks from Los Angeles

this is such a dumb request and i apologize, but i just need to know which is a good "parenting" magazine to subscribe to. i subscribed to "cookie" and i have to say...

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