Where Is the BEST Hospital to Deliver Babies?

Updated on January 17, 2008
A.R. asks from Olathe, KS
5 answers

I moved a year ago, and need to find a new OBGYN. I tried one...not impressed. I would like to figure out where everyone likes to deliver before I try a new doc. I know I will have to have a C-section, as I have already had 2. We live in Olathe, but I am not set on delivering right here. Thanks ahead of time for any advice!

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I had my first one at Shawnee Mission Hospital and they were fantastic!!! I wanted to deliver my second there but due to insurance I couldn't so we delivered at Menorah. It was ok, not fabulous but a pretty good experience.

I highly recommend Shawnee Mission Hospital. The night Tori was born they birthed 27 babies in 24 hours and there was never a hiccup. I never knew that I wasn't the most important person in there! There was a nurse by my side all during labor! And she went away when I wanted her to! :)

If it's an option Shawnee Mission, hands down!



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I have a good friend who does the hearing test on babies right after they're born at Shawnee Mission and she swears by them. She said they are absolutely fantastic. She loves all of the nurses there and has heard/said nothing but good experiences.



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I absolutely recommend my OBGYN Dr. Capelli. He and his partner Dr. Carruso deliver at St. Joseph. I also understand that Overland Park Regional is a very good hospital. They specialize in high risk pregnancy deliveries. My brother is on staff as a neonatal intensive care nurse.




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I delivered at Overland Park Regoinal and I loved it. My girlfriend deliverd there a couple years later and she said that she loved it as well. I plan on going back there for subsequent pregnancies. My nurses were fantastic!

I also love my OB. It's Dr. Arroyo at the KC Women's Clinic. They are located in the medical building right next to the hospital on the corner of Quivira and 435. They have the underground tunnel from their building so if he needs to come over because you are delivering, it takes no time at all to get over there.

He's big on women being involved in their health care decisions so he definitely wants to hear what you think is best for you. Their number is ###-###-####.



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I also agree with SMMC. I had all my deliveries there. I also think they have the best security in the city. All the babies wear ankle alarms where the nurses can see where they are on the unit at all times. An alarm will sound if the baby is taken off the unit. They also don't allow babies under one year of age on the unit that way there could never be any confusion.

I was allowed to take my 10 day old baby into Olathe Medical Center. It made me nervous for my girlfriend who just had a baby. The only difference between my guy and hers was that mine had thankfully lost his umbilical cord stump so I could at least prove he wasn't one I had stolen from the nursery.

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