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My Babies Legs Are Shaking

Was your baby born early (even just a week or two) or did you have a rapid labor . ... I didn't know that babies did that, but I have the same problem! ...

How Can I Help My Baby's Dry Skin?

When my babies were real little I used either Aveeno baby lotion or anyother baby lotion that had shea butter and/or coco butter in it. ...

Anyone Substitute Goat's Milk Yogurt for Babies First Yogurt?

Everyone there feeds their babies yogurt, which is made exclusively from goats milk, .... 6 months baby · greece travel · system trading · baby babies ...

Do Babies Have Nightmares?

Do Babies Have Nightmares? My three month old baby keeps crying out in his sleep . He doesn't stop crying until we wake him up. He has always done this since ...

Wondering Your Experiences with Breech Babies turning...and When...

Read all 8 responses: "Just found out that my baby (second preg)is breech ... My midwife told me to go to the Spinning Babies website and look at some of ...

Floride Drops for Babies

My expereince with toothbrushing babies and toddlers is that they do not need the fluoride so much as older children or adults. That is why baby toothpaste ...

Do Big Babies Come Early?

After a certain point in gestation, generally the due date, the baby actually loses some weight, so it makes sense that large babies might come a little ...

Nails and Babies

Babies usually wont mind the long nails...your baby just might like it if he is tickleish, otherwise just becarful not to scratch your baby or poke him with ...

Blood/ Mucus in Babies Stool

Blood/ Mucus in Babies Stool. Last night my 4 month old had a small stool that was regular yellow for a breastfed baby. But there was also a bit of mucus w/ ...

How Other Moms Coped with Two Babies Less than a Year Apart

I wanted to hear from other mothers who have babies less than a year apart. My husband and I weren't trying to get pregnant this early because our baby is ...
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  • never used goats milk in 2 answers "Never used goats milk but we did use cos milk yogurt."
  • cows milk yogurt in 4 answers "I waited until my son was a year old before giving him YoBaby cow's milk yogurt and ..."
  • toothpaste without fluoride in 2 answers "on a related note you should be using toothpaste WITHOUT fluoride in it until he is ..."
  • cut out all dairy in 2 answers "... If you believe that dairy may be the culprit, you need to cut out ALL DAIRY ..."
  • too much fluoride in 3 answers "This is why there isn't any in baby/toddler/kid toothpaste. Too much fluoride (for ..."