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Updated on July 20, 2017
K.K. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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Hi, i hope you ladies will not feel this question awkward but i am very concerned about it. I have a four and half yrs old daughter and another is due in coming January. My first one is vaginal delivery and hopefully second one will also be vaginal as i believe in natural birth. I heard and felt it occasionally after my first one ( but not a problem so far) that after vaginal delivery, vagina looses its tightness. Me and my husband enjoy sex very much and he always liked my figure but am worried about what will be my vagina's condition after second delivery. I always maintained my health and figure even after 15 months of breast-feeding my first one and of course my second one will be breast-fed. I know my breasts are not the same as i had before marriage but it works for my hubby.
I heard that you can always ask for an extra stitch on your vagina when they are stitching you. Have you had done this? You can say am crazy for my body but i never done anything to maintain it. Its God- gifted but am worried now how will my vagina feel and my breasts look like after second one. What have you done to maintain these most precious things. There is no question that these play important part in one's sex life and marriage of course. I want to enjoy my sex-life like i had before. I am even thinking of going to surgery after i will be done with breast-feeding because this is our last child. But my husband said i should not. Am not thinking of silicon but want saggy skin ( sorry i mentioned it lump earlier as i did not see any word that fits better. So am not saying that i have lump in my breast.Sorry Nura for misunderstanding) to be removed. Have anyone went through this? Please tell me your experiences and give me your suggestions. Thanks!

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If you are able to nurse believe you me that tightens up the muscles there believe it or not. I felt it, and it was a little painful the first two weeks, but after that it was good. Also if you do Keegels (don't think I spelled it right I'm tired). That is where you can either do it in the bathroom and pee, stop mid-stream and keep doing that tightening up the muscles. Or you can do it without going to the bathroom by just pushing like you have to go (contracting) then letting up and repeating. I know this does work, if you do it, so just do what you can and know that it will get back pretty normal soon. Take care and God Bless. It's so nice that you care enough about your husband and sex life to ask a question you were a little uncomfortable with asking.
K. =)

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I did ask for extra stitches after my 4th delivery. And, it did make a difference for both me and my husband. Although, it does not repair the damage to the muscles. That can be eased with exercises, but ultimately, you can not repair torn muscles without vaginal reguvination surgery. I have not had it, but have certainly contemplated it.
I have had breast augmentation. I had it long before I had kids. Now I am going to have it redone so I can get back that post baby body. My husband's a boob man, so I'm doing it for his enjoyment, but also so I will feel sexy again.

I fully believe that a happy sex life equals a happy life and marriage. I'm determined to get myself back to where I was before kids, or at least as close as possible!

Best Wishes!

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Decide to try myotaut serum after researching about vagina tightening product, Let me say I'm glad I did!!! After having children things aren't as tight as they use to be down there.My husband and I was very impressed with the results after the first use.Not only do I feel tighter , I feel more sensitive down there so I now feel every inch. This product does live up to it's name !!!!!



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Gosh, you sound beautiful as you are, and this internal beauty is what your husband is turned on by, not just a smaller vagina and the perfect breasts. Many mother's report a more intimate and improved sex life after the birth of children.

Be that as it may, if you have an episiotomy during child birth, then it is very common to ask the OB for a 'husband stitch.' Tell your OB NOW at the very next visit, before January, that you'd be interested in that option so you can discuss ALL the options before labor and delivery. For instance, you can have your tubes tied for nothing right after delivery, b/c of you being more open and the tubes are easily accessible after birth.



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I have had five kiddos and yes, my figure did change after the first. I found, though, that my husband liked my baby body more than before because of the extra curves it sent my way- he told me he didn't want me to lose too much weight and get 'too' skinny-lol- no prob there! Not everyone feels this way though-I think it bothered me more than him. I started walking every day and doing a lot of tummy excercises and chest and back toners to get strong and boost the breasts. I also have done Kegels throughout every pregnancy and after- really they are great to do all your life. If you haven't heard of them I'll be happy to explain them- they are excercises designed to strengthen perineal muscles and keep the muscles toned in there to keep your womb etc in place, and cut down on bladder leaking.. PLease make sure your breasts are healthy and get that lump taken care of !! Any ???s just ask.:)Hope this helps!



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I don't really have any tips (other than Kegel exercises, which DO work) for getting your body back to where it was pre-pregnancy.

I just wanted to say that, whether or not you get any breast surgery, if you have a lump of any kind in or near your breasts, please make sure you have it checked out by your doctor as soon as possible!

Best of luck and congratulations on your pregnancy! :)

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