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Using a Doula for Second Birth After "Going It Alone" the First Time

I look back at my pregnancy, labor and birth and all I can say is that all of it was amazing. It's incredible how the proper support and knowledge from a ...

Birth Control

Oct 1, 2009 ... As with any birth control, it is always recommended that it be taken at the .... pregnancy birth · control acne · birth control side effects ...

Please Help!! Birth Control or Pregnant??

First of all, you should NEVER double up on birth control pills! They won't " undo" a pregnancy that may already be started, and they could make you really ...

Percocet During Pregnancy

Child birth is not pain free :-). Helpful? ... I had terrible Sciatica during my third pregnancy beginning during the 6th month and had to take tylenol with ...

Recommendations for the Bradley Method?

I think the Bradley Method is an excellent way to learn about the birthing process and how to work with our body throughout pregnancy and birth. ...

How Much Did Your Prenatal and Birth Cost?

You might want to check with you current plan also to see if they would cover complications with pregnancy or birth (like NICU). If they cover the emergency ...

Swelling/joint Pain Post Pregnancy

I had pinched something while pushing my son out in birth and my legs would ... After both children, I had what they called pregnancy carpal tunnel in my ...

Birth Control While Also Taking Antibiotics!

And I also have been taking my normal birth control; Loestrin24fe. ... Worries of Possible Pregnancy Already ... knoxville news · pregnancy birth ...

Percocet and Pregnancy

Read all 5 responses: "I had to take percocet during my pregnancy from time to time and it has been constantly in the ... about pregnancy · pregnancy birth ...

High Risk Pregnancy

It's not the *pregnancy* that is high risk...its the risk for birth defects that is higher....and really not much higher until you are over 40yrs old. ...
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