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High Blood Pressure After Delivery

Many will argue that that couldn't be possible, since Toxemia is a condition during pregnancy and the birth of the baby rids the body of it. ...

Home Birth Vs. Birth Center

2) For my fast and easy labor, even with a really big baby, a home birth would have been fine. I had a third degree tear (the price of having a big baby) ...

Mini-pill Birth Control

Oct 29, 2009 ... (or really any type of hormone birth control -- I always feel like I am not myself when I am on .... birth of baby · pregnant birth control ...

Natural Birth Vs. Water Birth

My second son was born in a water birth. It really does help. ... We did a whole session about my fears about the labor and after the baby came. ...

Birth Control

I've been pregnant for the last two years. I was looking into the birth..." ... O.~ First congratulations on your upcoming baby. ...

Am I Gonna Give Birth Soon???

Oct 23, 2009 ... Thennnnn....about 4 hours later, my body decided to finally dilate from a 4 to birth of the baby in one hour! Talk about intense! ...

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Baby? :)

I used midwives planning a home birth. my baby ended up flipping breech a few days before my due date so i had to go in for a c-section. ...

Can Your Birth Control Pills Make You Sick???

Whenever i have been off of birth control pills for a while, I have to make sure ... pregnant birth · cancer blood · pregnant birth control · birth of baby ...

Birth Control While Breast Feeding

Read all 11 responses: "What types of birth control have breast feeding mothers used and ... My baby is now 10 months old and I again have the Mirena IUD. ...

Water Births

I had a water birth with my 3rd baby at UofM in AnnArbor. I LOVED it! I really think that it help lessen the pain of transition. ...
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  • havent noticed any side effects in 2 answers "its a low dose single horomone pill, and i haven't noticed any side effects."
  • very high blood pressure in 2 answers "I too, developed very high blood pressure after delivering my second child by c-section."
  • birthing center in annapolis in 2 answers "... strongly encouraged me to drive the 40 miles to the birthing center in Annapolis ..."
  • also covered by insurance in 2 answers "... baby and no complications.) My second was $2500 also covered by insurance ..."
  • magnesium sulfate in 2 answers "I was given Magnesium Sulfate via IV, to prevent seizures and blood pressure medication."